A really tall tree....

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Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write. Other times, I haven't a clue. I write because it gives me a sense of discipline. It gives me something other than the daily 'stuff'' that flows in, around, and by me.

This past week I wrote to a friend, quite spontaneously, the following:

You have been a really tall tree, in a really dense forest, looking over all the details.
The friend responded immediately, that the family member...
"...has taken a keen interest in trees and has been drawing oak leaves.  So your tree analogy is perfect."

Heart Warmers and belly laughter

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I crack myself up. Nobody knows it. And nobody cares.

When I hear something on the radio or on TV and I start laughing or talking back to that absurd/funny person, it's a good thing that normal beings cannot hear me. They'd think I'd gone mad.

I've mentioned before that my mom gave me this spiral-bound booklet of various words of wisdom, maybe 40+ years ago. I keep it on my bathroom counter. And I turn the page every other day.

Here are some recent crack-up and thoughtful items:

July 7
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain

Oct 6 (my wedding anniversary)
You won't even get started if you wait for all the conditions to be 'just right.' So true...and I experience it every day.

Oct 31
If at first you don't succeed  ~ try to hide your astonishment. Yeah, like every day.

Nov 2
Most worries are reruns! Yes, they are, and when will I take it to my heart? Fahget about the worri…

Way, way, way, back in the day, day, day....

I was fortunate to be invited to breakfast, with two dear, local friends, and one dear friend from across the country. Our hostess was treating us to Brown Sugar Kitchen, in West Oakland. The two locals had been there before and loved it..enough to go again (more than twice, I think)!

This was last Friday...and the wait was over 30 minutes, maybe 40. But it was worth it!

While we were getting out of the car, we saw the two of the signs, above. I love this...because it puts the blame on the folks who leave their stuff in the car, in plain sight!

Way, way, way, back in the day, day, day....I used to work in West Oakland. It was at a place called Tolliver Center, part of the CYA (CA Youth Authority), as a part-time Clerk Typist II. Coming from Newport Beach, and being recently married...this was my eye-opener to the reality of livin' life.

The CYA employees were stealing vouchers from the kids. And because I kept my head down, who knows what else they were ripping off. I hope each o…

Home sweet home, for doggies.

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I was at a friend's house the other day. When his front door was open, his dog escaped. He calls him 'the escape artist.'

His pet, though small, is mighty. We tried to coax him back inside but he would have nothing to do with us. He was free! I asked if Seamus knew how to get home. He was on the loose! He said Seamus knows the way. Okay.

We were talking for over an hour, and still no Seamus. I was determined not to be worried and was confident that he would return.

Then the phone rang. No, it was not Seamus on the other end of the line. I wish! A woman had found him running along a busy street. She pulled over and had the magic touch. She happened to have dog treats and she happened to be a Professional Dog Walker!

She called the local animal hospital and because the dog had a microchip implanted under his skin, the scanner told them where Seamus lived. But the phone n…

Impulse and intuition.

I don't use words as they are intended to be used. Oh well.

Just before I leave on a road trip (like driving to S.CA for fun), these days I put some home-grown roses on my car dashboard.

First, the roses remind me to breathe deeply, no matter what comes along. Second, they smell good. And third, the roses put me into a better or into a good mood.

Last weekend I was speaking with a friend, who has created her niche here on earth as a Career Coach, a Business Coach, and a Life Coach.  I was the beneficiary of her wisdom. She asked me over to speak with her about her house and the options she may have with staying there for more years, moving on, renting it, or selling it.
I really encouraged her to keep it...because we both agreed that the location is great, but it does, like most things (and people), need some effort put into it! What should have lasted about 60-90 minutes, became most of the afternoon, effortlessly.

As I was leaving I mentioned that I do things impulsive…

Breathing space

Some memories from my vaca in Newport Beach....nearly 2 weeks ago.
Sunset, Fun Zone, Surf, Bike Racks, Balboa Island!

In these turbulent times, these photos bring me peace. How simple is that?  Very.

Lean in...

(This post is NOT a commentary about Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In. )
I was watching a hawk soar the other day, off my balcony.  It was morning and the sky was blue but calm. Well, it seemed calm to me but I wasn't soaring. The hawk was.

When I was learning to fly gliders, I thought we were towed up, and just glided to earth in 20 minutes after we released the line from a 3000 foot tow by the airplane in front of us. Mostly we were preparing for a landing at about 1000-1200 feet, hopefully touching down where we took off.

Don, my instructor, would show me what to do, and then I'd attempt it. But he was keeping us upwind of the field and was looking all around, while my focus was straight ahead.

As I was watching the hawk, its natural instincts were to lean in, to catch the rising air, sometimes with great effort, sometimes with minimal effort.

In life we have choices. We can either glide down or we can lean in...tilt/turn into the lifting wing, into the rising air. It…