Impulse and intuition.

I don't use words as they are intended to be used. Oh well.

Just before I leave on a road trip (like driving to S.CA for fun), these days I put some home-grown roses on my car dashboard.

First, the roses remind me to breathe deeply, no matter what comes along. Second, they smell good. And third, the roses put me into a better or into a good mood.

Last weekend I was speaking with a friend, who has created her niche here on earth as a Career Coach, a Business Coach, and a Life Coach.  I was the beneficiary of her wisdom. She asked me over to speak with her about her house and the options she may have with staying there for more years, moving on, renting it, or selling it.
I really encouraged her to keep it...because we both agreed that the location is great, but it does, like most things (and people), need some effort put into it! What should have lasted about 60-90 minutes, became most of the afternoon, effortlessly.

As I was leaving I mentioned that I do things impulsive…

Breathing space

Some memories from my vaca in Newport Beach....nearly 2 weeks ago.
Sunset, Fun Zone, Surf, Bike Racks, Balboa Island!

In these turbulent times, these photos bring me peace. How simple is that?  Very.

Lean in...

(This post is NOT a commentary about Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In. )
I was watching a hawk soar the other day, off my balcony.  It was morning and the sky was blue but calm. Well, it seemed calm to me but I wasn't soaring. The hawk was.

When I was learning to fly gliders, I thought we were towed up, and just glided to earth in 20 minutes after we released the line from a 3000 foot tow by the airplane in front of us. Mostly we were preparing for a landing at about 1000-1200 feet, hopefully touching down where we took off.

Don, my instructor, would show me what to do, and then I'd attempt it. But he was keeping us upwind of the field and was looking all around, while my focus was straight ahead.

As I was watching the hawk, its natural instincts were to lean in, to catch the rising air, sometimes with great effort, sometimes with minimal effort.

In life we have choices. We can either glide down or we can lean in...tilt/turn into the lifting wing, into the rising air. It…

Get in line....

You first heard that in pre-school. And it has been said to you throughout your life.

But my plane ticket said. "TSA - free." I didn't pay for it and I don't know anybody that would pay for it, for me. That was sometime ago...maybe a full year. It was amazing!

Thinking this through while I was still at home, I felt I was prepared for anything to do with boarding or deplaning. I bottled up my cleanser into a very small container (TSA approved). Had a very small tube of toothpaste. I was planning on carrying my luggage on board, along with my backpack. All seemed fine.

I didn't have any jewelry (except my earrings in my ears). Had my tablet out of the cover. Slid off my sandals. Had my boarding pass. Had my jacket.

OH NO! Argh, I forgot to remove my belt. Busted.

But for reasons unknown to me, I've had a full body search done to me, after each time I've gone through the body scanner. That's been the case for the last 4 flights I've made! Most recen…

And then I started thinking....

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Kind of like the eclipse (it seldom happens but it's astounding when it does), in the last 12 days I had my hair cut, a mani/pedi done, my teeth cleaned, and my face cleaned up. I don't even remember when these items last happened in such a short time period. I felt like a million bucks.

And then I started thinking about how often does the first of the month happen to be on a Sunday? Turns out google knows via the website (which is kinda fascinating). And it's more often than I thought. Oct 1st will be the next time a Sunday is the first of the month.

And then I started thinking about the autumnal equinox. I mean, who doesn't? Maybe the question should be 'What are you talking (thinking) about, Marilyn?'

This is my favorite time of year....autumn, fall, the space between summer and winter. The light outdoors is so sharp during the fall, even though there's less of it.

As a very rank amateur photographe…

Extended warranties and no do-overs.

I was emailing with a friend the other day...and we were talking about appliances. He told me what store he for his apartment appliances was easy there, and they were responsive to him, and they resolved issues.  Who could ask for more? He did mention that he never bought any extended warranties. Extended warranties aren't worth the extra $$$.

So I started thinking about extended warranties. Extended warranties cost a bunch of money and they may give you confidence for the 'what ifs' coming around the corner. But I'm not sure if I've ever heard of an extended warranty being used.

Those sales folks would rather make money on me buying it, because they have confidence that I won't use it until the day after the extended warranty expires. I think that's called 'useful life.'

So, I wondered if I was offered an extended warranty for my own life...would I buy into it? Hhmm, I think not.

When it's time to call it a day (or a life) I th…

Apples...buh bye. Hurricanes, please go away.

A few weeks ago, I had Sal, my landscaper, and his crew over for at least 3 full days.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn.

It was time for the apple tree to come down. Part of the trunk was dead/dying. The good news was that I couldn't see it. That was also the bad news, because I couldn't see it. After the severe rains this past winter, everything was beaten up on the outside... the paint on the exterior of the house, the carriage house, the apple tree, and me just getting in and out of the car in the wet weather.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn. 

I've made apple pies and applesauce. 
I've sliced up apples using my corer, peeler, and slicing device.

I've kept those sliced apples frozen, until I needed them for dinner or desserts.

I still have the remains of the crop from last year in my freezer.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn.

We've been here nearly 30 years. The apple tree was blooming when we bought the place…