Costco, car, Cadeau.....

I don't often go to Costco in the evening, but I was out and about and I needed some critical items, before I ran out of them: like a chicken, some tangerine juice, some toilet paper (who doesn't find 45 rolls of t.p. in one package?), and those nutty chocolate 'healthy" bars of goodness.

And then I realized. Once I checked out, I had no idea where my car was. And I'm not sure if I had ever used that button on my keyfob- that should tell you where the car is. In fact, I didn't know if that button was something that would scream, or if the horn would blast into the night, or maybe the lights would flash.

As I started the search using the keyfob, I didn't hear any horn, didn't see any lights, and didn't hear a scream.

OK. I gave up. I told the nice uniformed man who was outside the entrance, I couldn't find my car. Good news...he spoke mostly English. I can barely speak English in times of stress.

So off he went, holding that button, high in the…

I wonder who she was talking about?

A good friend sent this to me tonight. She emails me various items and I always laugh at them or gasp at them!

This time I kind of grunted and I sighed and wondered why.

On one of my notepads I've written two words.

Incite / Insight.

Without being too political, our current presidential leader tends to 'incite' which means "to encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior)."

As my mother used to tell me, often  "Think before you speak."
Now that is insightful.

Live richly, marilyn

PS if you're reading this, and live're all invited to my 11th Annual Shredding Party on March 31, Saturday 9-noon! It's free to you.

If you think you have too much to shred, you'd need to beat the record that was set a couple of years ago - 82 boxes! She didn't need to pay to shred....but she did leave a nice donation for Alameda Meals on Wheels...and you can too, if you are so inclined!

Now that's living richly! marilyn

check out my lo…

Tick in the night.

I usually don't have any problems getting to sleep.

But the other night I was a bit restless. And when I was still, I heard this noise. Oh my gosh.

It was a slight sound and then I realized there was a pattern to it. I counted what I thought was 41 seconds and it would tick. omg!

Was it a mouse, or mice, or rats under the floor? Was it a nocturnal animal, outside? Was it a baby animal looking for its mom? Was it termites chewing up my house?

This clearly brought back memories from last year. I got up to pee in the middle of the night and there was a mouse scattering across the floor. I tried to chase it out of the house, but it went into a void near the dishwasher. OMG!

And of course, there was the rat trap I set in the basement, behind the utility doors, on a concrete wall about 5 feet high. This little exercise was generated by the guy who looked after my furnaces, once per year. Now Rudy is retired! No rat. This went on for weeks.

Then I smelled a rat. I really did smell a rat …

Busy with work...

Working late tonight...I may yet post something...later! But taking care of biz for now!!

live richly! marilyn

Vogue or rogue...when did the Winter Olympics...

.....feature downhill, backward skiing?

I will admit, I do (or did) know how to ski.

I learned when I went with some neighbors to Sun Valley, Idaho. I learned to ski during the day, and would take care of the kids while the parents went out for the evening. It was a fair trade...since they paid for my ski rentals and my lift tickets.

And Sun Valley did exactly that...those folks taught me to ski! Over the years we've been pay that forward to our kids.

But, really, when did this downhill, backward skiing become vogue, or better yet, rogue?

I'm a bit intrigued by the people who partake in these events.

1. In the two (wo)man bobsled -the person in front is the pilot (not a driver). I thought pilots flew airplanes (in that case, I am/was a pilot).

The back person is the brakeman or should it be brakewoman? Near as I can tell, once these folks shove themselves into the bobsled, the back person can't even be seen! I guess s(he) is along for the ride and the stability?

I've …

MAKE IT EASY...plan on coming by!

You may want to glance at my Alameda real estate blog...The Second Story 
I've taken a bunch of webinars since the beginning of 2018. I think it's averaged 3 per week.

Here's a sampling:

-Tax webinars (at least 2 of those) because I need to know how the tax reform laws affect me, and what I need to tell my clients in generic terms: they must see their accountant, I'm not qualified.

And I actually attended a tax seminar in person...4 hours! And I bought the CD's as well. These are the folks that try to figure out how the real estate professionals can take advantage of the 'tax benefits.' The woman who lead this was terrific and had been doing it for years. I used to subscribe to their service over 10 years ago. Now.... I'm back!

-Financing for Rehab Homes Webinar (this instructor may come in person if I can arrange a class for this subject). I listened to it 3 times in 2 days! It was really good!

-Instagram webinar (who cares how many 'likes' you…

Milking cows. Squeezing oranges.

Take a look at my Alameda Real Estate blog
The Second Story

I'm not sure if offered the opportunity, I would accept the offer to milk a cow. Maybe I could hook the cow up to those machines, but I'm quite sure it would take some time to train me to do it properly.

However, this past week I was given some oranges from a neighbor's tree. They looked great: round, big, and I've heard through the grapevine (maybe the orangevine), that they are juicy.

Since the first of this year, I've been clearing out stuff that's in my house, that I don't/won't use anymore. One of those items is on the top shelf of one my kitchen cabinets...tall enough that I needed to get more than a step stool to get it down.

Since I had the oranges I decided to get the juicer off the top shelf and onto the countertop. I think my son and daughter-in-law gave this to me several years ago, with the best of intentions of me using it. Step 1 done.

I had about 20 pieces of fruit. After putting…