Time for some more 'funnies!'

Thank you, Betty. I think we all have some type of weird sense of humor! 

Have a fun weekend! Be safe, wear a mask, and 😊!
Live richly, marilyn

How about a few chuckles?

Thanks to my friend, Betty.....

It's nice to laugh out loud...even if I'm by myself! These show life as is was...and maybe will hopefully be sometime soon!
Live richly, marilyn

Mobile working and baking and cooking.

KQED (National Public Radio) is where I get my news most days, and I usually enjoy the programs that they offer. If I don't, then I'll set my Sonos to any musical group that I love. And because I'm by myself...I'll often sing along with The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Billy Joel, or Bette Midler. (I just realized that these performers all have "B's" in their names. That's weird.) However, the other day, when I was listening to KQED the announcer was talking about a traffic jam. He said, "This is mobile working. There is office furniture on the freeway." Deadpan. I thought it was hilarious...enough that I wrote it down in my  NOTES on my phone. I still think it's hilarious!I get some pleasure from the email updates that I get from The photos look great...but it's kind of exhausting reading the recipes because I know that my food never looks like the photos. However, baking, (when I'm in the mood), has its calming ways for …
This is my desk. These mugs are full of markers and pens. And when I read what the messages say on those cups, they ring true to me.  And the orange juice is very good.My dear friend sent me some more Covid comics. Once again, if they don't make you LOL, then....oh, well. So just enjoy!

Live richly, marilyn (more funnies to come!)

A Beautiful Thing

I'm not sure when I took this photo...but my notes tell me it was on Fairview Avenue, in Alameda, several (maybe many) years ago.  It's very peaceful, and restful, in very weird times. I think I took it while on the Broker Tour. If you haven't watched this movie (A Beautiful Thing) on TV, I suggest you do so. It truly is a beautiful thing. I've watched it twice, and it's a true story. I started it thinking it was a rowing film...and both of my kids were rowers for the Oakland Strokes. Yep, it is about rowing. And the ghetto in Chicago. And the gangs. And killing random people with guns. And drugs. And it's a real-life story. watched on Xfinity on-demand, Netflix. Lives can be altered, changed, radically changed. I cried. It's was a story about good over evil...and rising above the evil. And don't we all need this, now? Let me know if you've watched it before, or if it's…

Blame game....and what's the new normal?

-The days are gorgeous with the bright blue skies, but that probably will disappear once our elected officials decide to 'open up' the businesses, and folks will drive their cars to work. That's happening now. 
-In fact, I think "they/we" will re-arrange the space that "they/we" call home, into other spaces, including home offices and maybe mini-classrooms? 
-I think 'these events' will change our lives, even if we go back to the same old routine. The old routine obviously hasn't/didn't work we should work with the 'new' now, and keep on making or at least think about making some of those changes. If I don't try them, then I'm the only one who I can blame. 
-By the way, have you noticed that politics are awful these days? Let's hope that this election brings some real thinkers into office on all levels, city, county, state, and the US.
-And I don't know who sent me this photo or even if I took it....
But my n…