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Wait a moment, be still...

Ugh...driving my car to Berkeley for a meeting at 10am. Do I allow 30 minutes? No, that's not enough time. An hour? The 'what if's' are rolling through my mind. I tried to carpool...and asked folks to join me. But they had somewhere else to be after the meeting.

Better leave early. Ugh. Which bridge do I use to get off this island? Cal Trans workers have blocked access while they're trying to improve access off and onto this island. How about using The Tube?

Wait a moment, Marilyn. Stop thinking so much. Be still. 

I decided to go underwater, so The Tube won! I left about 9:15. The lady in my car told me the directions. (It's a game of trust, with the I believe her, or not?)

Wait! There's a parking space in front of the 6 story building! Yeah for me! Ugh. Meter is only good for 1 hour. Ok, I'll come back and feed the meter just before the hour is up. Went up the elevator and found out there's a valet service, that the hosts pay for! Went ba…

My mom used to tell me....

In this very divisive society in which many politicians have been saying anything to divert those who are listening to (or tolerating) what they say....I suddenly remembered what my mother used to tell me....

"Marilyn, it's not what you's how you say it."

Apparently, I had a rather sharp tongue and tone. (I may still have that, but nobody tells me that I do, but my late husband did bring it up.) I've replaced that with my silent gazing at people and shaking my head, wordlessly, and walking away, much like Carl did.

Suddenly, I remembered Monty Python and their bit about "I've come for an argument." Gads, Carl and I used to howl over these. These days I don't want to cause arguments, I'd rather see them solved, dissolved, or resolved.

Month Python's Argument Clinic

The election this past week was mighty full of lies, mis-truths, disinformation, misinformation, and one way stops, with the other side peeling out and over  anything th…

Collaboration...dominoes and windows.

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The second meeting of the Oakland Speaker Series was a very good one. James Comey was the speaker..and he was terrific. And tall! He says he's 5'10"! He was the main event. And he was most inspirational, to me.

Then as we walked back to my car...everything seemed normal. We had parked on the street in front of the restaurant where we share Chinese dishes before we head over to the Paramount Theatre. We felt the street would be a safe space.

Uh, no it was not. The vent window in the backseat on the passenger side was smashed in. We taped a plastic bag around the hole and drove home. I was almost crying.

As I dropped my friend off at her house, I was wondering how I could get it fixed. Oh, and by the way...I needed to get up early because I was taking another friend to a meeting in Santa Cruz the next day. And I was picking her up at 7:30am.

I prepped my bags that night  The next morning I got up at 6am, put on 'casual bus…

Bed, Bath, and Beyond (my wildest dreams)

My dear daughter, Sutter, jumps on a plane and she flies up from New Zealand, usually once per year (during our spring), and per usual, I'm the airport shuttle driver.

Bless her heart...she was deep cleaning my kitchen (nothing seemed as serious as she said it was), and she found a pile of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that I keep on my counter-top, behind a small container that holds my keys and my device chargers.

She wondered how many do I  need of these coupons? Not many, I thought. And she attempted to throw them away. NO! Don't do that!

This week I found out why I keep them. I went shopping at BB&B and I used one of my coupons, but I had a bunch of them with me because I also keep them in my car.

The lady who was next to me, was asked by the helpful employee, if she had any coupons? "No, I don't know how to get those."

Immediately I gave her 3 of mine. She paused, and I said "Take them...I have lots of them!"  I had coupons for $5 off, $10 off, …

Lunch with an artist on Balboa Pier.

This is the time of year when the locals have claimed their land in no tourists (well, very few tourists).

Most every day I would take my bike and ride along the beach, from the Wedge to Balboa Pier, to Newport Pier and/or to Huntington Beach Pier. It was heavenly even when there were lingering clouds.

On my last day in Newport Beach, I had lunch with an artist. We went to junior high school and high school way back in the day. Eve and I met up on Balboa Island and we each brought a bike sitting on a rack on the back of our cars. It was a perfect day: warm with a bit of a breeze. We took our bikes on the ferry and then we rode over to the Wedge.

The Wedge was breaking (very intermittently) several days before when I first arrived in Corona del Mar. The lifeguards were trying to keep the tourists away from the water.  Not much action while Eve and I were there. (photo is from an online collection).

As I was riding and driving around, I saw signs that were promoting Marshall…