Waiting....who will show up?

Neighborhood Night Out!

I never know how many will show up. Good news, it's been quite calm in the 'hood. Bad news...what if nobody shows up? argh!

Way back in the day, my son, Evan, and his best friend, who were in 4th? grade and were riding their bikes home from school (and believe me, he will correct me when I'm wrong, or else my daughter Sutter will), and they were held up at gunpoint (nobody knows if the gun was real or not, but that didn't even matter) by some 'kids.'

When I got home, there were 3(?) police cars outside of our house...and the cops were interviewing the kids in the living room. Bottom line...they didn't catch the hoodlums and I think they found their bikes, somewhere. Maybe not.

I couldn't stand around and do nothing! I typed up what happened and hand-delivered the letter to all the neighbors within 2 blocks, the next day. Did they see anything unusual? Did something seem not right? That's not the way I would prefer to meet the…

Un-link me.

I went out to dinner with a couple of friends earlier this week. I rode my bike there, and they walked. 

At one point, somebody said.. "Look around! Most every person in this restaurant has their eyes focused on their phones!" And it wasn't just solo folk who were doing it! 

I'm quite amazed by those who ask to join my Linked In group/sphere/world. 

I glance at their profile and I think why do they want to know me? Or better yet, why do I want to know them?

Actually, I think it's a number's game, kind of like having a bunch of 'friends' that you don't even know. 

And from what I've figured out...a lot of these folks are paid to 'dial for dollars', or in today's lingo 'punch the keys for profits.' 

And while I'm at it (bitching and complaining about social media), I don't tweet, have never tweeted and don't plan on tweeting - ever.

But, in fairness, I must say this about tweeting. If your cell phone is still working, an…

no no no no NO!

I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen. I'm always worried about the dishwasher leaking on to the floor. Kinda like I worry about the base of a toilet leaking. (Marilyn, you have a warped mind, I told myself.)

Hhmm...where did that water come from? Normally, I start saying 'no no no no NO NO NOOO! But I didn't this time.
I opened the cabinets under the kitchen sink, and the water was dripping at a pretty good clip. I pulled out the cleaning stuff in the cabinet. I tried to turn it off and sure enough....I found myself holding pieces of the fixture in my hands. Tupperware was closer. I put that under the steady drip.

I continued to get the cleaning stuff Then I realized a pile of dish towels was within arm's length in another cabinet.  I grabbed them and threw them near the sink and started mopping up the wet floors with my dish-towel lined feet. 

For decades we've had a piece of vinyl flooring laying on the bottom of the sink-cabinet, unatta…

By the sea, by the San Francisco bay....

And this is why I like Alameda. Not that I've ever tried kite sailing or windsurfing, but to ride my bike from home and be by the bay within 5 minutes and on flat pretty amazing.

I was meeting a friend at the Concert at the Cove, i.e. a local park. The city books a different band for the 3 concerts. This band was kind of a mash-up..between rock, country, and loud! It was great!

I got there a bit late, but there was parking...for bikes. There will be one more concert in August...and then it's over for the summer!

Then I treated the two of us to dinner...she drove and I rode my bike.

It's all good...and if I complain I let people know they can slap me. So far nobody has taken me up on the slapping...but it keeps me from bitching about the world.

Live richly, marilyn   

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Cell phone photos..

I was awakened by my phone this morning. I used my phone for an alarm earlier this week. 
It was a different noise, but I think I put must have installed the noise myself,, while trying out other noises.
When technology works, the world is going well. When it doesn't...well, ask my son, who I call about midnight, hoping for an AHA moment from him for me. 
I tried to ignore the noise, but it just kept going. Okay, okay. I wandered into the kitchen where I had my phone plugged into the outlet. I unplugged it. Then I heard the noise again. It was from the side of the house! It came from the driveway! And thank goodness, it was not the car alarm.  
It was the crew working on the brick walkway between our house and the neighbor. For years, that 5 foot by 30-foot strip of dirt/debris/trash had laid fallow. And to follow the rules, the crew waits until the clock strikes 8 before they fire up their machines. 
I knew that sound, though. I thought about Carl, who used a table saw to cut wo…

"Liberty is always unfinished business."

I was watching the TV broadcast of the Washington D.C. Capitol Fourth fireworks, opera, song, orchestra, and band festival, on the night of July 4th, this year.

I was literally weeping while those performers were singing/playing all these patriotic songs. Gosh, even now I'm shedding a tear.

It's difficult for me to NOT cry. I guess crying is a type of release for me. Not that I cry regularly, but even last Saturday, I was at an annual association meeting, and those hymns made me well up. No. I was actually crying.

Speaking for myself, there's nothing uglier than me, who is trying to sing, through tears.

When emotions run so deep, when I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of people, I just give in and give up...and I'm crying.

I keep a calendar in a corner of my bathroom counter. Each day has a saying. My mom gave me this small, mini flip chart. And unless I'm away from home, each day of the year has a new saying. And it's repeated every year.

I love it because i…
Our local public radio station, KQED, fm 88.5 was broadcasting a 6 part series:  
2018 Walls and Bridges (The above is a link to these programs.) 

Seeing the world through my eyes only...'s only a question of time that both the walls and bridges need to and/or will come down, whether it be decades or centuries.

In that time period, much can be done but it's all mental, before it can become physical.  It has to be thought before it becomes 'something.'
People can dig holes under walls, climb over them, blow them up, build them up. 

People can float under bridges, walk over them, blow them up,  or allow them to rot in disrepair. 
In all cases, it's all about fear. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real!  What is false is always false, no matter who//what/where/where/why/and how! 
What people in high places say needs to be questioned!  And that's the bottom line. How the question is asked will elicit a decent or ugly response. 
And that's why I love Americ…