I'm not known as a flag-waver, but I do love what our flag stands for...and this is how I celebrate Independence Day: decorating our front porch.

When I was in high school, I stood when we pledged allegiance to our flag, but I never said a word. The Vietnam war going full blast, and we heard so much about how many soldiers were killed in that war. It was awful and nobody could explain to me why the US was there.

It's a bit like the vicious virus of today: getting numbers of how many folks have been tested, or are hospitalized, or have died, on a daily basis.

I put the big flag on support near my front door, so it really waves in the wind.

I also have an American flag that's very old that has 12 stars in a circle with the stars and stripes. But it's heavy-duty and I don't know who gave it to me or where I found it...must have been in an old house, in a basement or in an attic in a corner where nobody looked.

Google told me that it's a Betsy Ross Flag. 

The Betsy…


Classic summer day!  Clear in A-town and fog behind the SF city/coast!
Ding dong! FedEx was at my front door..not the truck..the delivery person.
He was there to pick up a 29-pound package. Uh, I don't have a 29-pound package to give to you! 
However, I did receive a notice from FedEx at my address that there was a large package for me from who...I don't know. 
I brought out the notice...and I called that person. He was not very nice. In fact, he was pissed off and said he'd leave that package on the curb at the front of his house, and hopefully, somebody would take it. 
Ben, (the FedEx man), and I had a lovely conversation about being courteous. Courtesy, his 3-year-old daughter, was learning what her name meant! 
Ben was born and raised in Alameda. And each time he said my name, it was Ms. Schumacher. I told him he could call me Marilyn...but that's not how he was taught. 
Bummer. It must be my gray hair...that makes people call me Ms. Schumacher. Or I could blame i…

It's a whole new world....

Yesterday we went on a bike ride.

By 'we' I mean my son, his wife, their son (6 years old) and their daughter (not quite 4).

They had driven up to Napa to see her parents and loaded the 4 bikes onto a bike carrier on their Subaru. Then they drove to A-town.

I usually go bike riding in the evening and that's when we went...less crowded, more space, it was a bit windy.

I'm constantly amazed at how these kids (adults and grandkids) are learning to things these days and using the tools they have (electronics and logic). It's a far cry compared to how I learned to ride a bike.

I was taught to ride a bike by using training wheels instead of pushing on foot. Training wheels only taught me how to fall over.

Eventually, the parents do attach the pedals. The oldest is doing great while the youngest is still pushing. But she is fast! She's a small speed-freak.

I was taught by my grandson how to play 4 Kings in the Corners, last night. My daughter said it reminded her of …

Kitchen drawers....

One of my favorite sayings is "Have space, will fill."

One day this week...I decided to clear/clean out my kitchen drawers. They looked organized enough...but ugh.  I even brought my Dyson vacuum in to do the sucking once the drawers were empty.

How many cheese cutters/knives/slicers do I need? Maybe one. I have about 5.

How about those melon-ballers? I had 2. Buh bye.

I don't know why I have a baby-sized rolling pin (was it my daughter's)?

Oh, and I have a butter slicer ---- so every slice looks identical. Toss it.

I don't have a clue what the flat wooden thing is that has 4 holes (various widths) in it.

When did I last use an ice-cube picker-upper? How dainty....these days I just shove my cup/glass under the icemaker.

How many bottle openers do I need...especially those that have advertisments on them? Nada. Don't all bottle tops twist off these days by hand?

I'm keeping the yellow plastic thing that assists me in scooping out honey that my neighbor giv…
I took this photo about a week ago, while our mailperson, Shane,  was doing his job. The butterfly did not seem concerned. 
My question is, why can't we at least try to help folks,  give them a helping hand, and do it consistently?  Yes, it is a full-time effort:  like gently keeping a butterfly on a hand, and patiently watching it fly away. 
Live richly, marilyn

Masks & trash.

A friend has been sewing masks...for most everybody! I was grateful to receive 2 masks from her. One has elastic that I can put over my ears. It's lovely and has lots of color. The other has two hand ties, and she said she made it for me because it has bicycles on it!

Unfortunately, I can't find the mask with the elastic. I'm sure it's somewhere around here, or in my car.

I went over to one of our local hardware stores,  today. I've been so grateful for all of the workers, anywhere, and specifically those who know their inventory: what's in and what's on order.

I bought a couple of the N95 masks today, along with some hand sanitizer, and more booties. I already had the Clorox wipes. No line, no waiting. In and out. This was in preparation for putting a house on the market.

Once you put the booties on to view a house they need to be tossed out once you leave the property. 

Good news....we're not required to wear masks when we ride a bike! I find it amazi…

Social distancing on the freeways.

"The colossal, collective laziness that has been defining our culture must change."  My friend, Vicki, wrote this to me this week. IMHO, she couldn't be more right!

Here's an example of a wonderful, definitely not lazy, person I met on Wednesday.

She's probably less than half my age. Her name is Christina. She works at the Hayward Home Depot.

One of my residents asked me yesterday if I could get individual, locking mailboxes for our units, none of this "sharing stuff." She was afraid of having her personal mail being looked at (i.e. stealing one's identity). I thought about it.

She looked online and sent me some links. I went outside and measured to see if the 5 boxes would fit. They did. The price seemed very reasonable and the current mailboxes looked super ugly.  I ordered them online and they had just five of them. The Home Depot said they would text me when they were ready to be picked up. They said it would be about 2 hours.

The time came and …