I've taken the leap...getting the exterior of this old lady (not me), it's my house which was erected in 1898, painted.

With the rains this past winter, the house had peeling paint, had paint bubbles, and some dry rot (not sure yet how much yet).

The painters started on Tuesday.

They are super-organized: ladders stacked, drop cloths folded, paint cans organized, and they brought a microwave so they can heat up their lunch...which is homemade. They leave their tools exactly the same each day. The project manager has come by to be sure all is well.

They've spent 2 full days sanding the east side of the building and they're not done yet. This old gal (not me) is getting a facelift. They'll be working their way around the building... the last phase is the front.

While I don't speak Spanish, the music is good, but with the sanders sanding, the tunes are off.

So far, they said the house has really good wood (I'm assuming it's redwood).

I'm keeping the col…

Company is coming....

My son, his wife,  and their 2 kids were here to camp inside for 2 nights. We had some other friends over as well, with their 2 kids, and we fired up the Weber barbeque. It had been at least 3 years since I used it. It's been outside and I still haven't removed the cover from the pavement. GROSS.

When I woke up that morning my kitchen lights wouldn't turn on. Then I realized that the noises that my icemaker would make at night.... weren't happening. I opened up the refrig door, and the lights weren't on. argh.

I went to the circuit box that morning, then called my electrician, and he walked me through what I needed to do to be sure everything was set just right.

But during this 'entertaining' event, my refrigerator stopped working, again. I called my electrician and he said maybe the GFIC (ground fault circuit interrupter) had popped out. Most modern kitchens must have them...and it's part of keeping everything and everybody safe. You push in the red bu…


My son, his wife, and their 2 kids, took a road trip from San Diego up to Napa (to see her huge extended family), down to Alameda, and then back to San Diego. They arrived home early this afternoon. I think they were gone for a just over a week.

It's always fun to watch what all of them have to do for such a trip to be successful and remembered.

The parents: because they have to bring all of the 'stuff'.

The kids: because they bring a bunch of special toys... in particular, stuffed animals to make them feel at home. I have a bunch of Discovery Toys, Legos, etc. in my dining room cabinets and once the kids show up...they know exactly where to go, and what to do.

Now I've been introduced to Pokeman. I still don't know what the goal is, and I don't know how it's played, but my grandson knows most everything about Pokeman. He goes on and on about each character. It appears to be a huge card game...with names I can't pronounce.

All of their devices are on my…

Roses and some lessons from them....

I've had some time to spend looking around my yard, both front and back, and realized that I've been completely ignoring....everything.

Yes, I do have gardeners and they do a great job...but I'd rather work on my roses and trim and prune them, and then I can only blame myself if they don't do what I'd like them to do.

One late afternoon this week I went out and cut off the dead roses and there were a lot of them. Then I cut off the suckers (they take up space and don't actually grow any roses).

Next, I cleared out the center of each rose bush and rose tree. This gives them sunlight to keep producing roses.

And the way I'm supposed to prune them is to find an outward-facing bud, so the rose bush/tree rather looks like a bowl. And I'm supposed cut below  "the first 5-leaflet stem". It takes some time...and I'm no expert.

The good news is they keep blooming.

I am blessed...and these roses remind me of that fact.

Live richly, marilyn

This is the view from my reclining outdoor chair, under a tree.   And the chimes sound heavenly, soft and deep. 

-I was talking on the phone with a friend yesterday. She said she 'got a cold'. My response was to 'Give it back, give it back!' She laughed. 
-I've been clearing out my home office. Files, gone. Papers, gone. Old devices that were once high tech, are no longer.  Buh-bye. 
--I asked for 12 more 3-sided legal files from a local title company. I've filled them up. I now need to go through those files another time, and see if I can get rid of more stuff. 
-My shredder has been grinding away. 
-Have space...will fill. That's my motto. That's my life. Not any more. 
-I found a ruler in one my desk drawers (and I found several rulers). It was old and beat up. I looked at the backside. It was a friend of my son's from middle school (and that was 22 years ago). Somehow I got the ruler. And I took a photo of it. I emailed it to my son. 
I said, "Dani…
I rode my bike to the most recent City Council meeting, last Tuesday evening. I met a couple of friends there and they were saving a seat for me.

I was there to speak about rent control. And I took less than my 2 minutes to say what I wanted. I usually take some notes to the podium with me. That way I don't mess up too badly.

But what I learned was how to be grateful for each person that spoke: that meant young people in high school, it meant older (than me) people. All kinds. All colors. All points of view.

It meant the city council members, (even if 2 of them have recently been investigated by a Grand Jury), for some no-no's. In fact, one of them said 'Hello, Marilyn' to me before the meeting. I didn't even know he knew my name, much less what I looked like.

On my way home, about 8:30pm, I made eye contact with many of those who were at the meeting...and I said 'hello' and smiled. Even those who didn't know anything about the meeting: they were riding…


Have you ever been in a meeting...and one person is constantly texting/emailing to who knows who?

I have...and it's more than annoying. I don't care how many things you can do at one time...but you can't! And this is an adult!

One of these days, I'll interrupt the meeting and ask this person...what did we just say? I bet he won't know.

And what good is the meeting to him? Nada, zip, zero, nothing.


I heard the above on KQED in the past week. Check it out....PLEASE!

And please, live richly! marilyn