Tool box? I have a tool bin.

OK. I had good intentions. What I usually do with old toothbrushes is keep them in a small glass container, underneath my bathroom sink. That way I can use them for scrubbing out the black gunk in my bathroom sink drain. It's just gross. Then I shake the toothbrush in the sink and wipe the black gunk up with a tissue or a paper towel. And then I will heat up some water in my tea kettle and pour that down the drain.This time, though, the drain grabbed my toothbrush. I tried various ways to get hold of the toothbrush but it wouldn't come out. Good news - it wasn't clogging the sink. Water was still flowing down the drain. I let the toothbrush stay there for a couple of days. OK....I needed to get this toothbrush out. I was quiet and let good thoughts into my head. I'm no plumber but there should be a way to get it out without spending an arm and a leg on a plumber.  Think what Carl would do...think what I would do back when I was flying. I was pretty sure I had some needl…

These trying times.....these make me laugh...and I hope you do, too!

Thank you, Betty!   

Live richly, marilyn

Marmalade Mommas and some funnies....

Do you need a thoughtful, creative (and relatively inexpensive) gift?One of my friends turned me onto the Alameda Fruit Company (Marmalade Mommas) maybe 3 years ago?  They sell homemade jams and marmalade made with fresh fruit. Click on the link above and enjoy the ride! They live in Alameda, and you can order online.  I bought 8 jars of lemon marmalade just this week for $12 each.  Here are some funnies from Betty:

Live richly, (we do have a choice!)  marilyn
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Chicks and Boomer Chicks.... you may want to rent this movie!

A couple of dear friends called me and the husband asked if I had I seen this movie? My answer was no...and he dropped the DVD at my front door.
'Maiden' Documentary Tracks All-Female Crew Who 'Sailed .
I was completely captivated by it.

He asked if Carl, my late husband (and yacht designer), had ever been on the Whitbred Race and I said NO! I would have remembered that, for sure. This was a race around the world! 
I wondered out loud if Carl had been part of a team who would have been designing boat like this....but I think I would have remembered that as well. 
These women had little, if any experience, on boats. But, boy, I mean the 'ladies' they found, women who had little or no experience, and those that knew how to sail (like 3 of them) but never even thought an all-female crew could be put together and pull out a win...was exceptional. Yes, they worked hard to get themselves and the boat in shape. 
IMHO girls, chicks, ga…

More funnies.....they keep on coming!

Thank you Betty, again!

Enjoy the weekend! Live richly, marilyn

Time for some more 'funnies!'

Thank you, Betty. I think we all have some type of weird sense of humor! 

Have a fun weekend! Be safe, wear a mask, and 😊!
Live richly, marilyn

How about a few chuckles?

Thanks to my friend, Betty.....

It's nice to laugh out loud...even if I'm by myself! These show life as is was...and maybe will hopefully be sometime soon!
Live richly, marilyn