When I least expect the unexpected, it always shows up...

 I was picking up some friends at the Oakland the General Aviation Terminal. They stopped to have lunch with me before they continued their flight, since their main destination was in Southern CA, to see their extended family. Low and behold, the Blue Angels were there, having recently landed close to the GA Terminal. They even park their planes impeccably. There was a small group of folks that had turned out to see them. But because of the chained-link fence and the inverted wire above that, there was no way to get any closer. But I did take a photo of the jets. The next day, they were giving the Bay Area an airshow that was remarkable. But I was a bit busy, and while I have watched them from the Alameda shoreline in previous years, that didn't happen that day. But I could hear them!  I turned on my TV and there they were, being filmed by multiple cameras, in the sky, doing what they do best, along with a description of what they were doing.  It was perfect timing, b

Patagonia makes great clothes (and it's worth every dollar that I spend on them) but....

......tonight I watched a movie (sponsored/created by Patagonia) on my computer.                                                        They/Them It was so on-point, about today, and these were real people who experience this. It was about rock climbing....but it went so much deeper (and higher) than that.  My husband and his brother-in-law used to climb mountains.  It lasted about 110 minutes.  It's about how we treat people who are different than us.  The bottom line....we have more in common with each other, especially when we take the time to listen.  Live richly, marilyn Follow Lor Sabourin into the sandstone canyons of northern Arizona as they piece together five of the hardest pitches of their climbing career and a climbing community where everyone can thrive as their authentic self.

Roses.....they're doing their third bloom....then they get to rest.

  ...then it's time for them to go to sleep. -I was visiting a dear friend of mine. She lives the life of royalty yet is so kind and considerate. It had been over 18 months since I had the privilege of seeing her. It was lovely, and I brought her some of my roses.  (This was the first time I had to show my vaccine card to prove that I had taken the shot (J&J). From day one, I've been carrying that card/receipt to prove to anybody who asks me for proof.) We had lunch overlooking the estuary. It was gorgeous inside and outside.  -Another good friend, wrote to me: We decided we’re not going to Spain this year. Last year we decided not to go to London. We haven’t figured out yet where we’re not going to go next year. -I like the fact that we can laugh about what seems to be so wrong, in/with the world. If we can't laugh then we'll cry. And crying is a way to relieve tensions. But I don't know of anybody that wants to be around a crybaby.  -I heard this phrase on KQE

10 and 2 or 9 and 3?

 I didn't put many miles on my car in 2020.  As I was thinking about this while driving, I remember that we had Driver's Ed in high school, way back in the day. I think my driving teacher was Dave Holland, who was also the main-man football coach.  I don't think any high schools (private or public) offer Driver's Ed at all these days. You've got to pay somebody to teach you to drive. Too much liability for the schools. What got me that we were told to drive with 2 hands on the steering wheel, and I believe we were told to put them at 10 and 2 o'clock.  These days the steering wheels are designed for 9 and 3 o'clock.  I was driving around the Naval Air Station and I found this sign on the side of a building! Never knew that the airfield was 14 feet above sea level. Maybe less than that due to climate change. I do like watching the 'big event' race car driving on TV. How close they come to other cars.... how quickly the teams change the

Last week's post!

I found my dad's license plates in the carriage house a couple of weeks ago, and I took a photo of what the plates said. There were several folks who submitted names for what the plates meant. A couple of the readers said it meant Captains of America.   My daughter said it meant Certified Public Nuisances of America . And she attributed to my dad's brother's wife. That very well could be what it meant. However, I recall it being Captain Sofa . As I mentioned my dad retired @ the ripe 'old' age of 49, from a job he had hated for decades.  He'd work at his rental houses in Costa Mesa, then head to Balboa Yacht Club, where his boat was moored. And he'd nap on that boat.  Nobody deserved that more than he did.  Certified Public Nuisances of America? Whatever works. Bless his heart and soul. Live richly, marilyn

Personalized licensed plates....

 ....I have a personalized licensed plate: CADEAU.  Most folks don't know how to pronounce it unless they speak French. It's not pronounced  CAD E  Y  U. It's pronounced CAD OO (long o).  I received a car in 1971 as a high school graduation gift from my folks. I had to go out to shop for it...and I believe I found the car in Garden Grove.  With that 1967 VW bug, I could drive to and from Cal State Long Beach and to my workplace in Corona del Mar at the Kentucky Fried Chicken store, and to Balboa Yacht Club, where my parents were members. The reason I needed to shop for it, is because my folks wanted me to take responsibility for it. But this is not about my own license plates.  I've been slowly clearing stuff out of the carriage house. And I found these license plates. They were my Dad's.  Can you figure out what the meaning is? There is no prize....but if you send me your guess, I'll congratulate you!! Stay tuned! Live richly, marilyn

Oct 18-24, 2021

 I received an email today, from UCSD, where son Evan went to school, and he met his wife there, as well.  However, it was directed to Carl. He's never been a rah-rah type person, even if he was winning a sailing race. He was usually on the quiet side.  I hope he'll attend (because they're going to shake things loose).  And I've never heard of any college having a 6-day Homecoming.  I admit...I'm clearly not into it. I hope they are going to be safe, but I don't see anything that leads me to that conclusion.  Oh well....SIS BOOM BAH! Be there or be square! Live richly, marilyn We’re ready to play. Are you? Dear Carl, It’s time to shake things loose at  Homecoming 2021 , where you’ll find an exciting mix of events, sure to bring out your Triton spirit. It’s time  to unite under a common banner and send up a collective cheer for UC San Diego’s DI scholar-athletes.  It’s time  to catch up with friends and run, walk or roll in support of students at the 25th Anniver