Clearing/cleaning out...again....

...only one drawer or one shelf or a portion of a closet at a time. 
This week I looked inside my desk drawers and I found a stack of stamps - everything from one-cent stamps to 28 and 32 cent stamps. 
These days the USPO has Forever Stamps, but I don't think they work on packages, just envelopes. In these days of electronics and mailing companies (UPS FedEx, Amazon) the USPO has some competition.  
I think it's a wise thing to use these random stamps up...before they're canceled...but not by the USPO, but because most items are bills that are paid by our debit cards or credit cards and all done electronically. 
Shane, our regular mail carrier, is always very interesting to listen to....and he does all of the talking. I just kind of nod, but don't agree. I just keep my mouth shut.  .....and this is what I do with stamps that have been stashed in my desk drawers. $3.90 in stamps to ship an unused extra part back to Amazon. Oh yeah, I got credit for that part, but I still ne…

Covid is not funny.....

...but there are comedians who are writing these signs! BRAVO!

Live richly, marilyn

Two more COVID signs.....

It's easier than writing a blog post...and they are pretty funny! Thank you, Betty! And if you haven't thought much about it, I think these photos all came from Texas.

Live richly,  marilyn (p.s. These will appear on my FB page.)

In my driveway....

....I was sitting in my car, in my driveway, this week, and suddenly there was a single-engine plane towing a banner behind it. Very strange these days. I don't see banners very often.

As I sat there, in the driveway, some visions came into my head...about flying. I didn't or couldn't figure them I just sat there for a while.

Then I realized I had scooped up a banner when I was working as a line (boy) and trading some of my time to learn to fly, at the glider field, Sky Sailing Airport, in Fremont, CA. *

Somehow the banner got loose from the bi-plane, and fell to the ground.  And thank goodness it was in a field, not on the highway.

I got into my VW Bug, and searched for it. I found it. I stuffed it into my car and went back to the airfield.

The bi-plane had landed. I knew who the guy was who owned that plane. He had no clue who I was.

He flew for one of the transport airlines. That means he flew 'stuff' around, not living human beings. This was a guy who …

Nice people do great things.....

I found this while riding my bike in the early evening.  I'm not sure what the '1619-?" means.
A very dear friend wrote this to me a few weeks ago.

"Wishing you a nice weekend as well. I have to share what I did for my neighbor who was and is still a great help for me. Airport Appliance had an ad on TV where they were going to give away an appliance to a person in need. 

Well, Sharon has had a broken dryer for over a year and I let her come and use mine. So, I wrote a wonderful letter about how she is so selfless, and helps everyone before herself. She is a cancer survivor, and living with one kidney. She is 75 she has been so wonderful to me, and others.

Well, this week I get this call on my landline and I didn't recognize the name, and I thought oh well answer it. It was Airport Appliance and my letter was selected and not only is Sharon going to get a new dryer, but they are adding a new washer as well. I told them that she'd been w/out
the dryer, but that she h…

July 5, July 6

This is one of my favorite photos that I've taken along Crown Beach/Harbor.

(I believe I wrote about this previously.)
We stayed at home on the 4th, and we had sparklers for our daughter but our son was too young to know what to do with them. In fact, I think Carl was getting ready to sail on the Transpac (yacht race) to Hawaii.

The next day I smelled smoke. I walked around the house, went close to other houses on Janis Circle. As I went a bit further away, the smoke smell diminished. Had some firework landed on our shake roof?

This went on for 2 days. Every once in a while I'd smell smoke. I'd go outside again.

We lived in a duplex. On a quiet street. I smelled smoke again. "Dear Lord, please tell me where this is coming from."

As I was walking around the house again, I stopped. I looked down. There was a smoldering firecracker wedged into the ground, right next to some plants, and inches from the stucco building.

I lifted it out, threw it on the sidewalk, and …
I'm not known as a flag-waver, but I do love what our flag stands for...and this is how I celebrate Independence Day: decorating our front porch.

When I was in high school, I stood when we pledged allegiance to our flag, but I never said a word. The Vietnam war going full blast, and we heard so much about how many soldiers were killed in that war. It was awful and nobody could explain to me why the US was there.

It's a bit like the vicious virus of today: getting numbers of how many folks have been tested, or are hospitalized, or have died, on a daily basis.

I put the big flag on support near my front door, so it really waves in the wind.

I also have an American flag that's very old that has 12 stars in a circle with the stars and stripes. But it's heavy-duty and I don't know who gave it to me or where I found it...must have been in an old house, in a basement or in an attic in a corner where nobody looked.

Google told me that it's a Betsy Ross Flag. 

The Betsy…