Powering up then pulling the power back....

There's something comforting (to me) when the weather patterns dictate how and where a plane flies.

I got a text from a friend today...saying that she can't get to sleep at night because the jets are flying over her house. She wondered why are they doing that? I wonder if she even knows that I was a professional pilot.

My friend was questioning why the engines power up when the planes are landing, yet when you actually see them, that seems to be contrary to how we think.
My answer to her was because it keeps the passengers safe, the airplane safe, and the phrase 'have a happy landing' actually means something!

Yep, I was paid to fly gliders, small single engine land airplanes, and multi-engine planes. I didn't have a uniform, but those of us who flew these types of aircraft, usually wore jeans, t-shirts, heavy shoes, and very warm jackets.

If you live in a place close to airports (big and small), you can probably tell what the weather is outside, from the sounds in…

Cars: Lyft and Tesla

Our daughter got us started with the Oakland Speakers Series, held between September through May. Since Carl's been gone nearly 17 years, that subscription has been in place over 20? years!

Some of us carpool to the Series and one of them called me and said she wasn't feeling too well, and she'd drop her ticket off at my house so I could find somebody who would use it that night. And another person wouldn't be going to dinner because she and her friend had big lunch. I tried hard to find somebody who could use that ticket...but to no avail.

I usually drive but my friend has offered to drive her husband's old truck because in September and October we came out and found my car window smashed in. Yes, two windows in 2 months. She said that nobody would even bother doing anything to that truck.

ugh. Should I go or should I stay? I decided to go. But I wouldn't drive my car. I'd take a Lyft. And I'd take a Lyft back home. Off I went..and I got there in very …

Looking back.....and ahead.

These are the questions that I answer every year. I look back and remember a bit of what was going on at that time, who I was with (or not), what I was focused on (or not), taking nothing for granted.

How would you answer these?

What's the coolest thing you've seen in 2018?Watching my grandkids grow up, and become as wonderful as my own kids and their spouses.

What's the biggest personal accomplishment you've had in 2018? I think it's getting my thoughts under control...especially when I want to say something that can be considered rude or misconstrued.  "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuttest his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."

Where was your quietest moment in 2018?
Ridingmy bike on the boardwalk in Newport Beach, up to Huntington Beach and back across the ferry to Balboa Island. Me, myself, and I, with my thoughts. 

Who was the most inspirational to you in 2018?Folks that run for office. It takes guts to do th…
Per tradition....

My blogs...

Boomer-Chick-Musings and The Second Story

....go into hibernation from Thanksgiving until the first Thursday eve/night of 2019!

If all goes as planned, and if I get some brilliant ideas (or not),  I'll start typing then!
I hope you have wonderful holidays... whatever you may celebrate!

Wait a moment, be still...

Ugh...driving my car to Berkeley for a meeting at 10am. Do I allow 30 minutes? No, that's not enough time. An hour? The 'what if's' are rolling through my mind. I tried to carpool...and asked folks to join me. But they had somewhere else to be after the meeting.

Better leave early. Ugh. Which bridge do I use to get off this island? Cal Trans workers have blocked access while they're trying to improve access off and onto this island. How about using The Tube?

Wait a moment, Marilyn. Stop thinking so much. Be still. 

I decided to go underwater, so The Tube won! I left about 9:15. The lady in my car told me the directions. (It's a game of trust, with the I believe her, or not?)

Wait! There's a parking space in front of the 6 story building! Yeah for me! Ugh. Meter is only good for 1 hour. Ok, I'll come back and feed the meter just before the hour is up. Went up the elevator and found out there's a valet service, that the hosts pay for! Went ba…

My mom used to tell me....

In this very divisive society in which many politicians have been saying anything to divert those who are listening to (or tolerating) what they say....I suddenly remembered what my mother used to tell me....

"Marilyn, it's not what you's how you say it."

Apparently, I had a rather sharp tongue and tone. (I may still have that, but nobody tells me that I do, but my late husband did bring it up.) I've replaced that with my silent gazing at people and shaking my head, wordlessly, and walking away, much like Carl did.

Suddenly, I remembered Monty Python and their bit about "I've come for an argument." Gads, Carl and I used to howl over these. These days I don't want to cause arguments, I'd rather see them solved, dissolved, or resolved.

Month Python's Argument Clinic

The election this past week was mighty full of lies, mis-truths, disinformation, misinformation, and one way stops, with the other side peeling out and over  anything th…