Fashion (way far) forward...

I believe I saw the white linen platform shoes  I wore in my wedding, walking around Oakland Airport the other day.  Really.  They are 37 years old.  How could that be? 

Fast forward: The answer came a short time later while I was in the 'resting room' of a lovely spa, waiting, I mean resting, to make fine use of a gift certificate given by Evan (son) and Erin (his wife).  I picked up the least intimidating magazine on a table.

I know who Marie Osmond is (singer with a big family) and Marie Callendar (restaurants and frozen food). I've never seen Marie Claire.  I still don't know who she is.  But she's got a magazine named after her.  She must be very well known, maybe like Oprah.  I have heard her name on one of my favorite TV reality shows, Project Runway.  One of the judges for that show does something for that magazine.

As I flipped the pages of Marie Claire's magazine, the ad-itorial probably exceeded the editorial by 20:1.  I believe that makes for a successful biz model for magazines full of models.  I was transported into another world called cool and awesome: the make-up products, the make-up off products, little lines and wrinkles-be-gone goo, fix-up, dress-up, nail care, jewelry, and accessorizing that is totally foreign to me.  And the SHOES!  It turns out platform shoes are not out, they are IN! These are so tall do the ladies need a step stool as an accessory to step into them?

Fast forward again: Another few days later, as I was watching a 1940's movie on AMC, I noticed platform shoes on those ladies!  Ah ha!  Fashion Forward only comes from looking backward!  And consequently, one can deduce that what goes around in fashion comes around again, about every 30-40 years.

Except for the marvelous new fabrics, looks just seem to repeat themselves by the up and coming generation of designers.  It seems to be the same for hair-dos. The Barbra Streisand look - short in back and long in front has almost finished it's second round.

I'm no fashion plate.  I'm not even fashion leftovers. If I were to nominate a fashion forward company it would be Patagonia.  Between their wonderful use of fabrics, many of them from recycled products, the practical nature of their designs is best suited for those who participate in extreme sports, and those who wanna look like they do.  Patagonia products aren't cheap and they don't drift in and out of style.

Back to Project Runway.   As the host Heidi Klum says each week 'In fashion you are either in or you are out.'  I like that sentence.  I liked it enough I made it my outgoing message on my answering machine some years ago.  Those who get it, crack up every time.  Those who don't, chuckle.  That's as far as I've taken fashion.  I've de-constructed it.  "We're either in or we are out.  Leave your message.  Make it work!  Carry on!  Wiedershehn!

Live richly,



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