It's a "Wear -Your -Worst -Christmas- Sweater" party...



T'was several days before Christmas when the invitation came. Come to a party all looking the same (kind of).

The assignment was easy...just look at your folks and wear a Christmas sweater of which people made jokes.

The 20-somethings searched and searched all around.  Christmas sweaters were in demand.  None could be found.

Couldn't borrow mom's she wore her seasonal covering a lot.  She even forced dad to wear the Santa sweatshirt she'd bought.

The Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores might have something they could wear with pride.  But alas all were gone.  They nearly broke down and cried.

To the festive department stores they reluctantly turned hoping whatever they found there would not leave them financially burned. 

They looked for Christmas-themed sweater treasures high and low, on shelves, on floors, this was amazingly slow.

Suddenly much to their delighted surprise, wedged between shirts something ugly caught their eyes.

Why yes!  This might be it!  Could it be?  Would it work?  They were desperate now, even if it made him look like a jerk.

It was a little bit different, not the typical style.  But what the heck, it would work for a while.

The colors were perfect, mostly green with some fringe.  And the balls hanging from it made you just want to cringe.

Santas were appliqued lovingly around (it was a bit much) and snowflakes dotted the background- an artist's perfect touch.

It really was different and while the price seemed a bit high, what's twenty-five bucks they said with a sigh.

At least they could attend the party and not look out of place.  And smiles would be present on everyone's face.

It fit a bit weird - more like a shawl - a wraparound garment not suited for all.

There must be a story about how it was created.  Yeah, a Project Runway holiday design that became ill-fated.

But those Buyers for Marshalls, they understood the consumer so purchased these wraps spotting a hit, not a doomer.

This was the last one so they grabbed it with zest, never dreaming the reaction they'd get would make it close to the best!

Now as they were leaving the store with their treasure, the looks on their faces turned to horror from pleasure.

A sweater it wasn't, nor was it a shawl.  It looked vaguely familiar as they wandered the mall.

Yet they had found it hidden among the men's shirts but then realized it was a Christmas tree skirt!

On Evan (literally) and Erin, off to the party!  The skirt was a hit and the laughs very hearty.

The End.

Priceless.  That's living richly!

best, marilyn

written by Marilyn Schumacher, copyright 2007 all rights reserved.


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