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How did you find out?

I'm not talking about the 'talk' about where babies come from.  I'm talking about the spoiling of the Santa myth. 1960.  My oldest of two younger brothers (at that time) and I were playing baseball with kids from the block.  We took over a vacant lot near our house in southern California.  Dusk was upon us. Apparently the neighborhood bully had decided it was his personal mission in life to tell every kid that Santa didn't exist.  And he did.  I acted like, well, yeah, I know that.  But like, no, I was shocked.  Dismayed. Amazed.  And you mean our parents just lie to us about that?  What's next, the tooth ferry?  Hhmmm, that would be right.  Reminded me of my '67 Balboa Blue bug - bought it at the local hardware store! 2010.  It's two days before Christmas.  At this stage in my life the commercial/hubbub of the holidays is not one 'of my favorite things'.  My solution is to escape from it all sometime between Thanksgiving and the week