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Am I into WHAT?

It's been nearly nine year s since my husband passed on very unexpectedly.  And for a number of those years  friends have encouraged me to 'get out there.'  That's not that easy to do when I know how good I had it for 28 years.  At this (st)age of seems more than daunting.  It seems ridiculous! But the stars aligned and I had a bit of a mind shift.  I tried to figure out what exactly shifted.  It seemed a bit weird out there. What was I emitting that seemed to attract men who had no income, didn't own a home (really not a requirement),  had lost a home, had multiple marriages under their belts (three seemed a very popular number), were struggling with work (yeah, I get that one, I really do), had wheels but they looked like they wouldn't keep spinning too much longer, and if they golfed they got all weirded out on the course (jeez just relax and the club will hit the ball). The fact is, I have to admit I'm the problem.  Can't blame what&#