Party on!

A dear friend called and said something to the effect of she was having her annual 'ladies party', did I want to come over?  I'd know some of the gals and the food would be good!  She is an excellent cook, that's for sure.  So why not?

A Friday evening and her place was busy!  Then it all started to come together.  Another friend had asked the hostess if I knew what the party was.  The answer she got was....well, maybe not so much.  And the day before she'd said I didn't have to buy anything.  Hhmm. Wonder what that meant.

I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but once the lights go on around me I can usually figure stuff out.  And so I did.  Ut-oh.  This was not your mom's Tupperware Party, despite the amount of plastic variations.  Marilyn, you are so dumb, naive, even a prude.  Welcome to the Pleasure Party!

This was hysterical!  As I looked around, I saw several ladies I knew.  My first thought was, surely these folks can't be as stupid as I am!  And what's really funny is the shared 'I know something about you now but I'll keep it a secret' look we were all sharing!

What do you call the lady who is sharing the features and benefits of these toys, devices, aromatic lotions? Expert? Consultant? Demonstrator? Confidant? I'm sure there's a title but I don't remember it.

What I do remember is the instruction that one of our hands was for licking and the other for sniffing.  I think that's what the sexpert said.  And don't get them mixed up.  Tasting something meant for sniffing would not be a good thing.  So she applied samples of the flavored creams and the scent-rich lotions. 

I passed on tasting what was dabbed onto my hand, preferring the delectable food treats I was trying to hold onto.  Good thing I didn't turn the plate upside down on my lap while taking a whiff of some cream.  I'm quite sure there was not a tasting lotion called Salsa, so that must have been part of the stuff on my plate that ended up on my shirt.  

As some of the not-Tupperware products got passed around I made the comment that I believed the one device headed my way could also be used as a Christmas tree decoration....kind of an icicle shape, translucent, with candy cane striping wrapped around it.  I believe it had flashing lights...perfect for the holidays.

As soon as that comment was out of my mouth the gal (a really, really good friend), sitting on my right, burst into the famous Christmas carol...."Oh come all ye faithful" - really!  Hard to believe it was like Christmas in April.  And who would have thought such a lovely song would be so appropriate this fine Friday evening.

Did I buy something?  Sure!  It was a courtesy purchase.  Nobody got rich off of me.  I do need to remind myself not to lick the grapefruit shaving cream I now own.  But it sure does smell great!

Live richly,  marilyn


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