Buy 10 and get 1 free.

Our local car wash has had an overhaul. I hadn't been there for some time. For a while word was that the lease wasn't going to be renewed.  Things were looking grim and grime-y for the folks that relied on it.

But the shopping center, upon whose land it sits, bought it and changed things up.  Tables, chairs, wi-fi, benches, a shade awning, new shirts, many new faces (something about documents), some ethnic diversity with a lot of English being spoken, and best of all, better towels that don't leave lint on the dash or windows. 

What got me thinking was the use-it-10-times-and-get-one-free card I was offered.  I was assured it didn't expire so I took it even though I prefer to pull out my own shop-vac and bucket to clean the CADEAU myself.  Costs less, and I do a better job.  I added this most recent discount card to the rubber-banded card collection I carry in my leather tote, most of them offering enticements to keep me coming back.

Here's what I've got:

-Petco - I have no pets.  I'm too selfish.  I get cat repellent because ferel cats enjoy the local marinas and particularly our berthed boat. I looked up the word ferel just now and found out it means wild, menacing.  And I thought ferel cats were a specialty breed that took the cat attitude to extremes. 10% off.  I'd settle for 10% fewer of them.

-Office Max - Max Perks.  Their program was once great.  It's now a joke.  Like I want to go online and click twenty times to see if I can even find my credit.  I shop there because I can ride my bike to their store.  Pure convenience.

-Peets Coffee.  Gift card.  I don't drink coffee but they have other stuff.

-My Panera.  Like the food, hate the uncleared tables, and crumbs on the floor.  Wonder what would happen if I brought a small, portable, quiet vacuum and used it around the table before I sit down.  

-Far East Health Care Center. Best massage I ever had. 10 times 1 free.  Haven't been back.  But thinking about it.

-Little House Cafe.  Buy 12 beverages get 1 free.  I forget I have the card.  Could have had two free in the last two years.  Bummer.

-US Postal Service Business Line Customer Card.  Do they have a Pleasure Line Card? Who uses the post office for pleasure?  Is there something going on behind that tall wall we don't know about?   The card was handed to me, never had to qualify for it, have never used it. Would feel guilty cutting in front of so many others.  As often as possible, online is better than a customer line any day. Card now gone.

-Alameda Beauty Center.  Looks like I get to spend $96 and then I get $5 off.  The place intimidates me.  I know nothing about how to be beautiful, and don't like to try new goo on my face or hair.  Probably should get over it.

-Feel Good Bakery.  Awesome stuff. I have 3 of their buy-12-and-get-1-free cards. 5 slots are punched. It will be awhile. 

-Enterprise Rental Cars - hand written: 10% off next rental.  Their idea of fixing a problem.  When asked how my experience was with them, I replied predictable.  What's that mean, the manger-lady said.  Well, let's see.  I reserve a small car to use for one day, and you give me a stretch-limo version of a truck. Really? Four doors, extra cab, mega truck!  Every time!  I get their attention when I make a point of asking just how many vehicles they want me to wipe out as I drive through their lot to the security gate.  Card now history.

-Sunglass Hut.  It doesn't say what I get.  But what I do get is all my sunglasses from Maui Jim's in Maui, and if they're scratched they repair them on site when I bring them in.  That day.  Doesn't get better for customer service than Maui Jim's.

-Kelly Moore Paints.  I don't paint.  But I've used it to get paint for my clients.  10% off.

-Academy of Art and Sciences, San Francisco.  Membership card.  Discounts when you show it.  Been there once.

-Books Inc.  Lovely indie bookstore. Buy 10 get one free.  Now I feel guilty about using my Kindle.  Need to remember to go there for gifts.

-KQED Member Card.  Gets me in free or gives me discounts to places I don't go. 

-AAA Member Card.  I don't think they have a deal for use it 10 times and get 1 free.  They'd cancel me.

-Marriott Travel Card.  Their idea of fixing a very serious mistake they made. Have yet to use it.

-AARP Member Card.  Not mine.  It's my dad's.  Quick reference.  Use it too often and the insurance rates go up, up, up.

Well, that was fun.  Brings new meaning to the TV commercial that says, "What's in your wallet?".  Answer: Less stuff, more space.

Live richly,



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