Nothing amazing....

I wrote this on my real estate blog two weeks ago. I don't often get so personal when I post there but  it's stuck with me and I decided it could play on Boomer Chick Musings, too.  

Today was an amazing day simply for the fact that nothing amazing happened.  Have you ever felt that way?  When there are a few consecutive moments of calm breathing?

-My work obligations are mostly caught up and on schedule. There were no fires to put out.

-I hollered at an insurance agent because the group he has farmed out some workers comp insurance to can't seem to get the figures right for the second year in a row.

-I met with my finance guru and laid into him about what a lousy reputation his industry has but he says he's not like the rest.  And turn around fair play - he said we both have the same issues to deal with in our chosen fields.

-I followed up with a client who just wants to get a home equity line of credit to get her oldest daughter's  private college education started.  The idiot appraiser had no concept of property values or 'comps'.  We took care of that.  And yes, this mom has loads of equity in the home I sold her many years ago.

-I had a golf lesson today.  It's my weekly version of therapy.  There's very little my golf teacher doesn't know about me.  My back swing is getting right.  My mental game of life keeps getting better.

-I went back out and hit a large bucket of balls late this afternoon.

-I went to a pending listing to be sure the seller left it in good condition.  Good?  It was great.  She's an amazing woman.  We agreed we wanted to hear nothing about anything from the buyer.  I'll slap the agent and the buyer if there is even an indication of a squawk.

-The house cleaners didn't come but they called.  All that cleaning up I did for them and then not to show up.

-A neighbor's house had new landscaping completed this afternoon.  It is gorgeous and fun to see the reactions of the 'hood.  23 years of waiting and suddenly it was done.

-Another neighbor's exterior paint job was unveiled.  The Colonial home has a fabulous new face! One of the owners said it had been like living in a burkha, the black netting and scaffolding hiding the unseen beauty behind it.  

-The five tomato plants in the back yard all have fruit on them.  The second crop of lettuce is about ready to pick.  The apples are growing.  Gladiolas are stretching for the sky in places I didn't even know I had planted them thanks to the excessive winter, spring, and summer rains.

-I took a bike ride at 7:45 this evening and got back about 9:20p. People were still walking, running, and riding along the beach.

-I put a clients' empty recycling bins away.

-I had a glorious fresh salad for dinner with all farm fresh ingredients (well, the Costco roasted chicken I got the other day probably can't be called farm fresh, eh?)

-And I made a fresh peach cobbler.  Costco peaches. Fabulous.

Oh, I see I've made a huge mistake.  I'm wrong.  Very wrong.  This day of 'nothing amazing' was simply bursting with amazing.  Writing this has made me deeply grateful.  And I've got the tears to know it.

Live richly,



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