Top Ten Ways to Know Your Spice Rack Should be Purged

Here are my top 10 ways to know when it's time to toss the thyme.

10.   The expiration date preceeds your oldest child's birthdate year.  Curry powder dated 7-1-1975.  Really. 

  9.   When you turn the half full containers upside down, nothing moves.

  8.    Follow #9 but give the item a chance to redeem itself.  Use the 12 Hour Rule.  If the contents still defy the law of gravity after being upside down for 12 hours - out it goes.

  7.   The market price today is 10 times the price on the bottom of the container.  Buh-bye pumpkin pie spice.  A steal at 58 cents back then.

  6.   The number 5 on the Chinese 5 Spice jar has become a 0.  Adios.

  5.   You have no idea what Vegetable Delight is/was.

  4.  At a gathering, one of your male friends comments on the ginornmous size of the cinnamon container.  Thank you Costco.  What was I thinking?

  3.  You've become a professional Spice Stager.  You trick guests into thinking you know what to do with the contents in those containers.  They are only illusions of grandeur.

  2.  The spices' highest and best use are to freshen up your recycling bin.

And the #1 way to know when it's time to clear the shelves:

  1.  Not even your dog, a Bloodhound, can pick up a scent. 

Live richly,



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