Every now and then, it's about then and now.

Take-aways from my 40th high school reunion.

My logic said 'be nervous.'
My heart says 'be calm.' 

The head said 'what if?'
The heart says 'so what?'

The conversations on FaceBook said 'what to wear?'
The closet says 'who cares?'

The photos said 'young and dumb.'
The faces say 'experience and street smarts.'

The manicure, pedicure, hair cut, and facial said 'it's about the party.'
They really say is 'it's about me.'

The memorial moments said 'not here any more.'
Friends say 'take my hand, we're here now.'

Time passing said 'now you have perspective.'
Time present says 'meld it into the moment.'

The music said 'it really was the beginning of a revolution.'
The war said 'it's time for a revelation.'

Life's passions said 'follow me.'
Living passionately says 'if not now, when? if not here, where?'

Getting out said 'have a plan.'
Forty years later says 'chuck it.'

Define yourself said 'fit the world.'
Design yourself says 'rise above it.'

The media said 'absorb the news.'
Your gut says 'question everything.'

The evening said 'take a chance.'
The heart says 'it was so worth it.'

Keep on living richly,



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