Questions I ask myself...

I must have too much time on my hands.  I just can't shake these observations.

When did restaurants, airports, and any place with public access toilets pass a law or make an agreement that hooks for hanging purses or jackets are no longer necessary?  Is there a concern we may try to hang ourselves using that hook?  Do I really want to put my stuff on those floors?  Not so much.  YUCK!

Is texting on a bicycle as dangerous or more dangerous than in a car?  I'm thinking more.  Not as much heavy metal surrounding the text-idiot.  Maybe not though.  Speed can kill.

Could it be that all the good men are all taken or all gone?  Bummer.

Maybe I need to define 'good men'?  That may be another blog post.  Maybe man and woman readers will assist with that.

Since when does an airline allow passengers to take over a flight for the promotion of a national charitable fundraiser?  How about those on the plane who didn't pay to play the relay games involving all the rows of the plane?  How about those who didn't pay to hear passengers stand at the front of the plane and give their personal testimonials over the PA (public address) system?  How about those who like me, came off a tough visit to a dying relative?  Really Southwest...I've stewed over this and you are going to hear from me.

Why do I love the ocean so much?  Maybe because it's unpredictable.  NEVER turn your back to the ocean.  NEVER.

Why do sunsets intrigue me more than sunrises?  Oh, bad question.  I'm never up when the sun rises but I've seen pictures.  They look nice.

How come the voices in my head rush towards the town of doubt and set up camp there?  I'm getting better at recognizing that chat and shutting it down quicker, but that is serious work.  Seriously.

Isn't it amazing that I don't sing off key when I'm on a solo road trip?  Every song is a crowd pleasing performance often sung in perfect harmony with the lead singer featured on my iPod as it pumps the beat through the Bose speakers.

How can I be worthy of so many dear friends?

What's the best way to pay all the blessings I receive forward?

Why do such horrific TV shows like Breaking Bad capture me?

Do I really believe there are no coincidences?  Yes, I do.

Do I really want to hear what God says to me?  Maybe...but mostly yes....I think.

What kind of lives do the parents of the manic kids that are allowed to run through ALL restaurants, live?  They need to watch that Nanny-fixes-the-family show, then lay down the law for their own sanity.  Their kids will end up loving them for it, and if not, oh well.  Be the damn parent.

Would the world be a better place if kids and parents learned the discipline and etiquette of some of the quieter sports: golf, fencing, hopscotch.

Have we reached the age where we now value the years of experience/trials our parents went through?  Yes.  It's taken a long time for me to get there.  Now they are gone.

How hard is it to teach a kid to fail?  Hard.  But just do it.  Quit with the awards for everything and everybody.  Just STOP IT!

How valuable is it to learn to fail?  Very.  Get with it.  We need to be examples, not whiners.  I'm learning every loss is a victory around the corner.  Or around lots of corners.  But the lesson is there for the taking.  Wake up, Marilyn.

Do I believe the world owes me something?  No.  Do I believe I owe it something?  Yes.  Start giving back, Marilyn.

When will I start loading my magazines and news blasts onto my Kindle?  Soon.  Right.

When will I commit to making two blog posts per week?  Working on that.  Seize the moment.  Stop playing FreeCell.  My daughter says I'm addicted to it.

What do I think about these 'revolutionaries' and Occupy Wall Street? And now the associated groups around the nation and the world?  All of you clean up your encampments and just go home.  It's a bad sign when the politicians and Hollywood types start showing up at your events waving t-shirts.  The message is lost.

What's the only thing we can all agree on?  VTBO.  Vote the Bastards Out.  It's the ONLY way we can take the country from the politicians and lobbyists.  And this is the time to get the message out, one on one, neighbor to neighbor. Then get the non-pro politicians into every office, who will agree not to serve more than 12 years in public service/elected positions, who will agree we are not a nation of kings, queens, pawns and peons, who will reduce the pay of those public servants/elected officials, and give them the same health care and pension plans we've got.   VTBO = VOTE the BASTARDS OUT.  Yeah, that's it.

Whew.  I feel better now.

Live richly,  marilyn


  1. "Be the damn parent."


    I love ya, Marilyn! Keep up the good work!


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