Bad mammie in jammies.

Called my boss late last night.  Left a message that I wasn't going to be at the sales meeting the next morning.  I'd be more of a distraction than an asset.  Is it even possible to look human during the course of a nose blow?  And toting a box of tissues doesn't say  "Let's go out for coffee after the gig."

Stayed in bed for awhile.  Got my morning spiritual read in.  Started working on various projects: real estate, cleaned up some loose ends of my dad's estate, did some laundry, and filed the pile on the floor.  Actually, the pile didn't get filed.  It got moved to another pile I can't see when the closet door is closed, hiding the stacks of stuff waiting for action.

I was alone except for whoever I had on the other end of my landline or cellphone.  Couldn't be seen and I sure wasn't going to put the Skype video on looking like I did.

I stayed in my jammies until 4:30pm.  By the time I cleaned myself up and went out the door at 5pm I could only guess that the earlier sunrise might have been as lovely as the sunset at that moment.  But I'll never know.

Had to get to Bank of America (our branch was 'UN-occupied' unlike a downtown San Francisco branch today), to deposit a paycheck for my daughter in New Zealand.  She does monthly editing for Latitude 38, a north California, widely read and spread, boating/yachting mag rag.  Also had to ship a big envelope of mail to her, courtesy of the USPS.  You could say I'm the repository, depository, and forwarding agent for her, here in the homeland.

I started thinking about my day in pj's.  Restful and productive!  I was a bad mammie in jammies!.  Hey there's a song like that. Here it is!  Great beat!  Bad Mamma Jamma.  Hey -  that guy in the video looks like my middle brother!  At least he looks like the FaceBook photos I see of him.  What's up with that?  Who knew he had a voice and rhythm and a stage name? 

Big problem though.  The song is about a hot chick, perfectly proportioned, and um, well, that's not a long shot.   Hmmm.  This is the age of the new normal.  Get used to it or get over it.

After my errands I decided to take myself out to dinner before I hit the church evening testimony meeting.  So I had breakfast.  It was a perfect ending for someone whose day had just begun.

Oh, and the sniffs and tissues....only a dream now.  

Live richly,  marilyn


  1. Dang, another family secret out. Don't tell anyone I work with about the video.


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