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The holiday newsletter review...

Each message is unique.   Each reflects what is important to the writer.  Some letters are on plain white paper.  Some are on holiday stationery.  Some are folded and stuffed into small envelopes.  Some have photos printed on them.  Some have separate photos included with them.  One holiday letter I received this year was so full of every travel detail experienced in the year, I felt I had to take a nap, I was so exhausted after reading it.  As I put the letter face down I glanced at it.  To my surprise the letter was continued on the back side!  It was filled with more single spaced travel details!  Fearing a nap would turn into a solid sleep far too early in the day, I broke the spell by taking a bike ride.  Christmas newsletters take on personalities.  Over the years Sutter (daughter) and I have come to look forward to certain ones.  There was a time I actually mailed them to her so she wouldn't miss out.  In  fact, she'd ask if we'd received specific letters!