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Where's the "Dummies" book for this? part 1

I like those yellow and black Dummies books .   I think there is a Dummie book for most subjects.  At this moment, I can turn my head and see two of them here in my office:  Quicken 2010 for Dummies and Excel 2007 for Dummies . Having those books is like having security blankets.  They are there to give comfort. And courage.  And confidence. I recently donated my Blogging for Dummies book to our local library not because I knew it all but because I knew enough.  It was over three years old, super out of date, and the blogging sites are so user-friendly these days who needs a book? So imagine my surprise when I commenced a new course of study and couldn't find any guidance. No class, no night school, no Dummie Book. This experiential episode is part of continuation school, the school of hard knocks.  It's called life. About two years ago I was getting clues that maybe I should fly to South CA for a two day visit and see just how my dad and step-mom were doing.  There we