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Garage sale and company is coming....

Here's another story for the collective endeavor of creating the Dummie Book for Adult Children of Senior Parents. In January of 2010, two of my dear friends volunteered to join me 400 miles from our homes for a very long weekend readying my folks' house for a garage sale.  I had no idea what to expect.  I took this gem of a job on because my step-sister, who lives nearby, had been dealing with so much other stuff.  I hate garage sales.  They bring out the worst in me.  Well, I guess I hate hosting garage sales.  So I don't.  I'd rather give great stuff away than barter over nickels and dimes. I have gone to garage/yard sales.  Decades ago, during the stage of early-marriage-poor,  I did score an ancient heavy metal upright Hoover vacuum for five bucks at a garage sale.  After giving good service in our small home, I killed the Hoover when I took it to the glider field where I taught flying.  The pilot "lounge" was such a pit that I decided to suck up th