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Perspective: elephant tears and shaking things up.

As I was easing the car out of the parking slot at the grocery store, I paused because a mom and her two small kids around her basket had stopped.  I wondered if I had not seen them.  Then I realized one of them was in tears.  Not tantrum tears but the sad or hurt type of tears.  My husband and I used to call them elephant tears.  So big, so watery, so genuine.  I watched as she wrapped her arms around the older of the two and just held her.  I finished backing out and headed home. About an hour later I was using what I'd bought at the store to make a new beef chili recipe that had unsweetened chocolate and cinnamon in it.   I'd heard about it on the radio that morning.  It's  'Cincinnati Chile'. I was browning the beef and dicing lots of onions. The phone rang.  I would have never believed I'd be playing the part of the mom in the parking lot.  But I was in a kitchen, not a parking lot, and the frantic, melt-down voice was not close enough to wrap in my ar