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Clean sweep...

I'm not sure where it comes from.  I like things tidy.  Quite tidy.  Or least the appearance of tidy.  Most of my stuff is tidy.  And if I have to result to stuffing stuff somewhere to create the 'state' of tidy, then I'll do that.  Behind closed doors, whether they be cabinet, closet, garage (or ancient carriage house in our case), works just fine for me.  Out of site means... it can wait. There were four squirrely kids in our family.  Mom kept a very tidy house.  I don't know about my brothers, since they each had a kid-cave upstairs and I was on the first floor, but I had to clean my room and the bathroom weekly. Flash forward.  After I'd been in the real estate biz for a year or so, my husband gently asked if "we" should get some help.  He wasn't talking marriage counseling.  He was talking about the house cleaning.  I thought he asked that very diplomatically.  "We."'    He did tons more around the house than my dad ever did.

Party on!

A dear friend called and said something to the effect of she was having her annual 'ladies party', did I want to come over?  I'd know some of the gals and the food would be good!  She is an excellent cook, that's for sure.  So why not? A Friday evening and her place was busy!  Then it all started to come together.  Another friend had asked the hostess if I knew what the party was.  The answer she got was....well, maybe not so much.  And the day before she'd said I didn't have to buy anything.  Hhmm. Wonder what that meant. I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but once the lights go on around me I can usually figure stuff out.  And so I did.  Ut-oh.  This was not your mom's Tupperware Party, despite the amount of plastic variations.  Marilyn, you are so dumb, naive, even a prude.  Welcome to the Pleasure Party! This was hysterical!  As I looked around, I saw several ladies I knew.  My first thought was, surely these folks can't be as s