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Company's coming.

I was talking to my step-sista, Debbie, the other day.  We don't get to talk enough but we pack a wallop when we do.  She is so quick-witted, smart, and calls a spade a spade!  She was saying how she 'did' Easter this year and it was perfect.  People, food, house, the works.  Always nice to hear. Many of us have become masters at hiding the entertaining zits, blemishes, and pimples, that pop up at the last minute (not on our faces but on the stove, on the table, on the floor, on the food) when we've got folks coming over.  Their expectations aren't excessive.  I just want to exceed them.  If we get some some lively conversation and there is a decent meal.  I'm all good with it.  I got thinking about a gathering I hosted recently. There were 17 of us.  This particular group has a name.  I call them "My Flyboys."  Suffice it to say, it's mostly guys and we all flew together in a most unique environment and in various circumstances. Every few mo