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Doing it myself.....using my head.

I decided I'd better assemble the RubberMaid tote I bought yesterday at Home Depot.  I saw one on an upper shelf all put together and decided yeah, that's perfect.  The purpose of this tote is to house the earthquake preparedness stuff outside the house...away from something falling on it.  With what daughter Sutter, and her husband, Sean, have learned about readiness in the continuing shakes in New Zealand (they live in Christchurch), I've tried to pay attention. But before I did that I decided it was a better idea to pull out the recliner lounge from the carriage house (which carries nothing on wheels but my bike, two more bikes I'm going to donate for recycling, and one wheelbarrow with a leaky tire).  So with a paper about demographics in real estate for the 2010 decade and fresh sun tea, I took a snooze, cuddling up with my SF Giants mega fleece blanket, relishing the clear but breezy, cool, skies.  Heavenly. Napping was great, the paper was excellent, the tea