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Prom bomb.

I heard a question on the radio a few weeks ago.  Has there ever been one person who has had complete satisfaction, in hindsight, with a prom?  Another prom season has passed us by and I started thinking about them.  I've never heard anybody rave that the prom exceeded their expectations.  I think it's a night of major let-downs, including breakups. The prom is the last big "couple's" bash before Grad Night, which is mostly a dateless-free-for-all event.  Many of the kids know they'll never see those people they ended up making out with at Grad Night again...or at least for a long time. Maybe the class king and queen of the prom have their expectations met.  Nothing beats a crown and tiara for making one feel special.  That means the rest of the court are losers?  That's rough, hardly fair.  I'm not sure it ends up as perfect as we humble high-school peons imagine it to be.  Being royalty is tough.  I never went to my own high school proms.  I w