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So this is the dining room....

Do you remember that hook for an ad a few years ago, for some heat-it-at-home food (note I didn't say cook-it-at home), in which somebody says...."So this is the dining room!"  Flash to my home office.  It's a disaster.  It looks like a high speed fan was put in the doorway with the sweep feature turned on, and the papers got tossed like a salad.   So I deconstruct the paper salad into piles once again, with the intention of putting them away.  Unfortunately that doesn't quite happen before I end up rolling over the papers.  I'm working the odds that people don't read stuff and thus won't notice the tire tracks.  Taking on extra duties the last couple of years is what I'm blaming this on:  Dad stuff and treasurer stuff for a organization.  Note to time I am told I'm perfect for a volunteer job ask how many boxes and binders it involves, triple the answer given, find out if they are providing a storage unit, as well a way t