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Buy 10 and get 1 free.

Our local car wash has had an overhaul. I hadn't been there for some time. For a while word was that the lease wasn't going to be renewed.  Things were looking grim and grime-y for the folks that relied on it. But the shopping center, upon whose land it sits, bought it and changed things up.  Tables, chairs, wi-fi, benches, a shade awning, new shirts, many new faces (something about documents), some ethnic diversity with a lot of English being spoken, and best of all, better towels that don't leave lint on the dash or windows.  What got me thinking was the use-it-10-times-and-get-one-free card I was offered.  I was assured it didn't expire so I took it even though I prefer to pull out my own shop-vac and bucket to clean the CADEAU myself.  Costs less, and I do a better job.  I added this most recent discount card to the rubber-banded card collection I carry in my leather tote, most of them offering enticements to keep me coming back. Here's what I've got:

Gag me with a pain.

My home page on my computer is Google.  One of the gadgets I have on that page is the French Audio Word of the Day .  It's a little game I play, seeing if I know the word in English, and then trying to pronounce it before I hit the button that lets the lady in the computer say the word or phrase.  Four years of French in high school and some at college were not a total waste.  Mostly, but not totally. Today's word was 'le gagne pain'.  Not only could I not say it, I had no idea what it meant. It's pronounced 'le gang pan', accent on gang.  It means job.  I almost chuckled.  When I saw what it meant and what it looked like, the French words morphed into English words as  'gag me, pain'. Ever since I was a teenager, I've worked to define work.  My mom didn't work outside the home. Instead she slaved at home with 4 kids and a fairly demanding husband.  It turns out my dad hated his job, thus lived for the weekends, which for the most part in