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Nancy Drew

(I wrote this in fall of 2006 for one of my snail mail real estate newsletters.  I found a hard copy while filing a pile stacked a mile high, stashed behind closet doors on a credenza. I'd wondered where I'd put it.  I've tweaked it a bit, taking advantage of hindsight since then.) In August I was winding along highway 156 on my way to a real estate seminar in Monterey, CA.  I recalled when I was in 4th grade how intrigued I was with Nancy Drew books.  What would it be like to live like Nancy Drew!  You know, the girl detective in the books with the titles like "The Mystery of the clock on the Mantle" or "The Mystery of the Treasure in the Attic."   I tried reading Hardy Boys books but they just didn't cut it with me.  I still have some of my original Nancy Drew books on my shelves. Nancy Drew drove some type of convertible and she always had a suitcase packed ready to toss into the car in case some adventure came along.  I think the car had a r