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Questions I ask myself...

I must have too much time on my hands.  I just can't shake these observations. When did restaurants, airports, and any place with public access toilets pass a law or make an agreement that hooks for hanging purses or jackets are no longer necessary?  Is there a concern we may try to hang ourselves using that hook?  Do I really want to put my stuff on those floors?  Not so much.  YUCK! Is texting on a bicycle as dangerous or more dangerous than in a car?  I'm thinking more.  Not as much heavy metal surrounding the text-idiot.  Maybe not though.  Speed can kill. Could it be that all the good men are all taken or all gone?  Bummer. Maybe I need to define 'good men'?  That may be another blog post.  Maybe man and woman readers will assist with that. Since when does an airline allow passengers to take over a flight for the promotion of a national charitable fundraiser?  How about those on the plane who didn't pay to play the relay games involving all the rows o