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Haunted in the 'hood.

People stretch them out over their plants and across their doors.  It's part of the annual Fall Festival of Freakiness .  I'm talking about cobwebs. Our house grows and multiplies cobwebs without effort.  I've never quite figured out the witching hour(s) for cobwebs.  Is it at night?  During the day?  Non-stop?  Do the spiders work in shifts?  Do they get overtime during the Halloween season?  Do they have cobweb contests?  Do the spiders meet up on my back porch for an awards ceremony?  Best design?  Longest thread?  Best catch?  Catch o' the day? As fast as the neighbors put up their decorative Halloween cobwebs, I'm just as quickly morphing into the wicked witch, swinging my broom to and fro, then slashing wildly trying to get rid of the things all around the house.  Inside.  Outside.  The webs rest in and dress up every nook and cranny:  corners of windows, along the window screens, in the decorative woodwork, up in the tall ceiling corners, column to column