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Treats and Trick

Michael, I'm going to bring over all my candy.  No, no!  Don't do that!  We've got 300 pounds of it!  Yes, get a bag and I'm dumping it in.  Then I'm getting two of my small real estate signs and putting them at the base of the front stairs.  I'm pointing the arrows to your house.  You people have a grave yard, zombies coming out of the ground, and a fog machine.  Kids won't even notice this place.  And I won't have to make the house dark or answer the doorbell!  It's perfect! This was my solution to avoiding the little and large darlings coming for their free, permitted, honorable, grabby, and massive sugar fix.  I had so much work to tend to and really (in my mind) couldn't be interrupted (bothered) to be a hostess (slave) to the doorbell.  PERFECT! It was a quiet, peaceful night. The next morning: Hey Marilyn - how was your night? It was great!  I got so much done!  Thanks! No problem.  We waved the kids over and told them you w