I thought I was going to cry.  I almost did.  Then I thought, I can do this.  Then I thought I was going to cry, again.  Then the next thought I had 'was call your son.'  No, No NO!  I was not going to call my son.  He doesn't do this.  He can't possible know what's going on here.  But he's a rocket scientist!  Well, he's not but he could usually figure out what was on my computer.

I'm talking about taxes.  No, not MY taxes.  It's for the church.  I'm the treasurer.  I have to get the appropriate income tax forms to the workers.  Oh, dear God (literally), what did I commit to do for these people?

I've been at this two years now.  It came with five notebooks, a box of paid bills, a stack of regularly paid bills, and yes, everything I didn't know about tax forms.  I have pared it down to an active folder to drop things into, a portable 'paid bill' folder, and a four-inch wide notebook that that allows me to find everything at once. 

And now...it's that time of year.  I started on Tuesday night.  I was able to recapture my last year's (2010 tax forms) for my 2011 taxes on my computer.  Then I lost them between Wednesday and Friday.  That was when I wanted to start crying.  But I didn't.  And it slowly, very slowly, it came back to me. 

So last night when I almost had all the tax stuff done, I decided to close up shop.  I'd been at it for over 5 hours.  At midnight, as I went through the house, cleaning the kitchen, putting away things, I realized there was an energy about me.  I was nearly victorious!

I had reason to smile.  Who would have thought that this mess of mine was a reason to write.  I laughed out loud.

Tonight the forms are finished.

May I wish for you access to a cell phone, 'log me in' on your computer, and a bright kid.  You never know when you'll have to make that call.  

Evan, you were spared. 

Live richly,



  1. I recommend "Mozy" free home backup for these kinds of things. They store your docs "in the cloud" and multiple revisions as well.


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