Map Quest, questions, I'm lost.

I took drive yesterday.  Went with a friend.  We went to a 'meeting' with Congressman Pete Stark.  It was a Realtor thing to do. We had about ten people at a coffee shop in Fremont.  I had to go because I'm chair of our Local Government Relations Committee.   It was a big waste.

The other waste of time was MapQuest.  Here's the deal.  We got to Fremont.  Turned left.  Zig and zagged along the streets, and following the directions we ended up AWAY from our destination, Mission Coffee.  See, I can tell you this because there was very bright lady in the co-pilot seat.  And we still ended up lost!  She looked at MapQuest.  We turned around.

Gosh, you got to hand it to MapQuest.  They don't loose a beat.  They have a new feature.  It's the "we'll-tell-you-when-you're-lost" feature.  "If you are on Luzon Dr and reach Via Sombrio, you've gone about .1 miles too far."  Well, that's bad because we didn't see any of those streets!  We called for directions.  We got there.
I have to drive to Napa tomorrow.   I'm taking a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) class.  The last time I used MapQuest it was during Christmas, to Napa, to visit my daughter-in-law's extended family.  That time MapQuest didn't tell me there were two exits off the road with the same name.  I ended up really 'confused', well lost.  Called.  Got there.

I guess I'll carry my phone.  Charge the battery tonight.  And have the extra charger in the car.  And call if I need it.  I'm thinking MapQuest will stay behind.

Hhmmm.  Wonder if they wouldn't mind holding the class at Mission Coffee in Fremont. 

Live richly,  marilyn


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