Once upon a time...

...I got up out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  That's not too unusual.  But when I went to leave, the door handle broke off in my hand!  That's unusual.  OH MY GOSH!  I was trapped by my own doing!

I didn't have a phone.  That was the first thing I needed to remedy when I got out of this mess.  And I didn't have a window since the bathroom is landlocked and uses a fan for ventilation.  I couldn't do anything about that.

I did have a toilet.  I did have a semi-recliner bed in the form a bathtub.  I did have some clean towels for blankets.  I did have my toothbrush.  I did have water.  But how long could I wait for someone to come around?  This is where a husband (oh, Carl, where are you?) would be a nice idea.  How long would I be there?  

But wait!  My son was here for a visit from San Diego.  I think he was out of college at that time.  I could call to him though the heat register and the duct work should carry my voice!  Okay.  Not to worry.

Evan....EVan....EVAN..EVAN WAKE UP!  EV WAKE UP!  His ability to sleep through anything was no longer a blessing.  EVAN! Nothing.

Marilyn?  MARILYN, is that you?  Are you okay?

OH MY GOSH!  That was Debbie, in one of the second floor apartments!  I woke her up!  Then I realized that the heat duct was going into her place as well as Evan's room...since I provided the heat to her apartment.  She's been here for years and years and maybe she's wasn't such a good sleeper.   

Are you okay?  NO!  I'm stuck in the bathroom!  The door handle broke!

What can I do?

You can come downstairs and go outside, around the building and start knocking on Evan's window until he wakes up.  You may need to yell!

I heard her come downstairs.  And from that point, I didn't hear anything.  But she woke him up!  What a hero!

Evan came upstairs but he was groggy.  I told him not to do anything until I felt he was awake.  Okay, Evan, push on the handle to the door!

It would provide a platform for me to shove the broken handle from my side, and if it worked I would get out.  YES!  Then I realized that Evan still wasn't really awake.  I told him to go back to bed.  Before I went back to bed and I got out the heavy duty tape to stop the door from latching. 

The next day I had the locksmith come out and replace the original crystal (Victorian-style) handle with a new  crystal handle, not original.  I wonder how many times that guy has heard that story?
In hindsight, I supposed I could have kicked the door out.  But like so many things built back in the day...it is a solid wood door.  And I have yet to put a cell phone or extension of the landline in there.

Hhmm.  Maybe that's why some of the higher end hotels put phones in the bathroom: calling for room service (of a different kind).

Sleep well, live richly.



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