Garbage cans.

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands.  Or a body who will do the stuff for you when you look sweet.  And so it was with me this week.

I went to Costco to get one of their baked chickens.  And some butter.  And then....the unplanned purchase.  Some compost and some soil conditioner.  It doesn't come in a spray bottle or lotion, like regular conditioner.  It comes in 50 lb. bags.

Well, okay.  I can get those into the mega Costco basket.  And I can get those beasts into my car.  I happened to have a giant bath towel to throw them on.   The man selling SF Chronicle subscriptions in the parking lot asked if I needed help.  I said "no, thanks, I've think I've got it" as I used my feet to hold the cart in place without dinging my car, and the rest of me to haul the load.  It was a bit of a stretch.  I just didn't want to be guilted into buying the Chronicle. 

I got home and decided I'll deal with the bags of stuff later.  And later came and went.  Then it was the next day.  Opened up my car door to drive to my weekly sales meeting....whew!  Ut-oh!  What was that smell?  I forgot about the bags!  Had to go to my meeting.  I don't think I absorbed the smell.  Well, no body moved away at the meeting.

But I had to get those things out once I returned home and to air out the vehicle.  But I needed to change my clothes, first.  I got working in my office.  And I forgot about it for another five hours!

And this appointment included a passenger in about 15 minutes!  I have a wheelbarrow but I didn't have time to blow up the tire, which would have gone flat again in about 5 minutes.  What to do.  What to do.

AHA!  I have the largest recycling green bin with back wheels, courtesy of the garbage company.  So if I could get a bag out, one at a time and gently wrestle (?) it to the top of the bin, with the lid down like a table, I could wheel the load of partial poop to the carriage house and put it in into a mega bucket, out of the rain that was to come while I was gone.  I wouldn't have to drag it on the ground and risk it busting open.  I put on an apron to save my shirt and pants...and that's what I did.

I drove as fast as I could,  0-25 mph (Alameda speed limit), all windows down, for less than 10 minutes to get to my friend.  The smell of the conditioner was gone - buh-bye.   

I kind of wish I had an extra set of hands.  But I don't.  I wish I was independently wealthy, too.  But I'm not.  Problem solving is not always pretty.  But it works and I'm grateful.  Maybe I will try to remember to get a new tire for my wheelbarrow.  Next time. 

Live richly.



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