My accountant says...

Did you wonder, much less care, why tax day in 2012 was on April 17th?  It's because the District of Columbia (DC), is the only place in the nation that celebrates Emancipation Day, April 16, and that makes it a federal holiday.

So I had my visit with my tax professional on the 16th, the day before taxes were due.  I just needed to be sure that with the extension  I would be paid up with checks in the mail on the 17th. 

We have a lot of deep discussions when we meet.  I asked him if he was exhausted, and he said, surprisingly no.  It went very well this year, he noted.

Every tax professional I've known takes a trip for about two weeks after t-time.  Are you going to take a trip now that the rush is over?  Well, yes, he said.  He and his wife are going over to the coast.  He's going to get a dog.  A German Shepherd puppy.  Aahh,  I said.

He's wanted one all his life and now he's going to get one.  Are you going to get a rescue dog?  How about a pure-bred?  Nope, the one for me is a pure bred.  The breeder is on the coast.  His wife doesn't know that.

Well, isn't that nice!  Yes, but he's getting a bit of resistance from his wife.  Aahh, I said.  That's a problem.  Well, not really, he said.  Listen to this.  I have three reasons to get this puppy.  Which one seems to work the best?

1) All my life I've wanted a German Shepherd puppy.  I've put up with four women in my house and I deserve a pet, finally.  Aahh, I said that won't fly.  They don't care that you want this.  It will put a crimp in their style.

2)  OK, how about this.  I'll take him to my office and nobody will even know he's around.  Aahh.  Is the dog going to live at your office?  Well, no.  Are you going to live at your office?  Hhmm, not so much.

3)  OK,  try this.  You know, I'm a man.  I want to do this.  It is my prerogative to act like a man and do this.  Aahh, I don't think that will work.  Men don't hold the same stature they did a few years ago.

Look, said I, let's get down to the the bottom line.  Who's going to feed him?  Who's going to stop him from stinking?  And last, who's going to pick up after him...not just the doggie toys he rips to shreds.  Are you going to be in charge of the poop?  Well, yes I am!  There you've got the best reason.  You will do all the maintenance.  The girls won't have do a thing...unless your daughters figure out the little puppy is a man-catcher...and then you won't ever see Mr. German Shepherd except for the dirty little chores.

By the way, I will come by and borrow that puppy.  I'll take him for a run when I'm riding my bike, when you are at work.  And maybe that man-catcher thing will work.  But I won't clean up after him.  I have a gag reflex so you can clean up the poop afterwards.

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