You smell like....

I looked around.  That's a nice scent.  Oh, that's me.  But what is it?  I realized I was a crockpot of smells.

Could it be the Head and Shoulders shampoo?  Maybe the Finesse hair conditioner.  (You can tell I don't spend a lot of money on the bubbles on my head.)

If it's Tuesday (don't even ask me why) it could be Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy.  I couldn't make that up if I tried!  That can only go on once per week to take the "brassiness" out of my silver hair.  Who knew I had brassy hair?  Too much of that shampoo and I'd have blue hair.  It smells awful.  When that is gone I'll try Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo, scented chamomile and lavender brightening shampoo, which I have waiting once the smelly one runs out.

I also have Lepi de Provence Lavender body creme OR the Lavender Rosemary Gardener Salve.  That's a lot of lavender.  The gardener salve is great and I buy it specially for my daughter and me because it "smooths heels, elbows, knees, feet, and nails."  That's what it says.  It's made on a lavender farm Up Country, in Maui.  It's worth a trip.

I decided to buy the Ocean (not from Maui), and Grapefruit lotions also from Lepi de Provence.  I don't think it is really from Provence.  Too expensive.  Strangely, they kind of match their names.

How about the stuff I put into the Dial liquid hand-pump soap bottle.  I use it in the shower.  I broke the pump on the new plastic bottle so I popped the contents into the old container.  It was something like Orange Blossoms with Ginger Essence.  Definitely not Dial Soap.  Too fancy.

Maybe it was the Cleansing Pineapple Hand Soap next to the bath sink, or the gray blue soap in the dish.

From New Zealand I have Roen Lanolin Face Cream...but I use it on my hands, often before I head to bed.    Lanolin is sheep grease.  Ugh.

It's a 10, a miracle leave-in plus Keratin, a hair product Sutter decided she thought was cool when she came to visit.  That gets sprayed on my hair when it's wet.  It works and my hair is still there.  I wonder if Keratin is related to carrots.

Perhaps it's the 10-0-6  lotion I use on my face and have for 47 years.  It smells like a homemade cleaner.  Everyday I use it.  That's a lot of years.

Could the scents be Neutrogena?  I've got two face-washing products and a oil-free moisturizer, plus a Healthy Skin Enhancer, and a brightening eye protector.  I don't think those makeup items smell.

Maybe it's the hairspray.  KENRA, perfect medium spray. The way my stylist 'feathered' my hair I now have to put hairspray on it to keep it out of my eyes.

Gosh, it's a good thing I don't use mascara or eyeliner or lip-smacking lipstick.  I don't think those would contribute to the smells,  but they would add so much time to my rituals.  And really, I don't want to prolong those.

Live richly,



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