A day trip, from the local airport.

My daughter, Sutter, is in town from New Zealand for a brief few days.   We've had plenty of meals out.  She's met up with her work friends (she never burns a bridge), and her college friends (some of whom are having their first babies), and some family friends.  It's less of a rush these days...but it is busy!

We flew to San Diego on Thursday for a visit with her brother, Evan.  He took the day off from work and we had a great time.  His wife Erin, a middle school science teacher, was moving about 300(?) 8th grade students around Washington, D.C with some co-workers.  So she wasn't around at this time.  She does a great job...and more power to her!

This was an early morning flight with a return that night about 9:30pm.  Thank goodness we didn't have bags to haul around!  But really....the security seems so random!

We had a good chuckle at the beginning of the security line.  It seems the TSA would like to have the crews and employees ease into this bin, slide down and into some type of tunnel.  Word has it they show up beyond the security line, safe and free!  But we'll never know.

Why is Oakland so different than San Diego or Orange County airports?  Take your belt off here, but leave it on there.  Take your iPad out here, but it's okay to keep it in your pack-back there.  Take your shoes off everywhere.

Which is better, to keep your feet bare on the floor, or put on some sox so you can throw them away at the end of the line...they are like dry mops for the airport floors!  The customers pick up the floor dirt and tote it with them to the next airport!

And the size of the coffee beverages that travelers purchase.  Sutter called them triple-doubles!  How can they hold it all in?

And the restrooms at the airports.  The toilet flushes when you move, whether you want it to or not.  I find it amazing that 'their' way saves us money.  It just continues to flush!

At the restroom sink, the soap squirts out when your hand is near it.  The water turns on when your hand is near the faucet.  The paper towels shoot out when your hands are near it.  Except for me.  I can have my hand under the faucet, up or down, stationary or swinging, but nothing happens.  I look around waiting for someone to say, "You're on candid camera!"

But what I loved about today, was that there was no big agenda for us.  It was easy.  Both kids shared their work.  I learned more about what they did. They learned about what each other does.  They shared ideas and how they use them clear across the world.  But right there, in San Diego, they shared in person.  Sutter got to see E&E's house for the first time.  She liked it.  We liked it.

We went to Torrey Pines to watch the kites and hang-gliders.  We had a delicious lunch there.

Evan showed off their dog, Hazel.  Sutter got used to Hazel.  She fell asleep on the couch with Hazel.  The Hazel-cam(era) that is usually left on when Hazel's folks are not home, allowed Erin's mom and dad in Napa see that they were sawing z's together.  Facebook said it was so!

We talked politics.  We talked city government.  We talked about how the teacher unions need to change for the kids, and what Erin is doing politically about them.  We had dinner to go, so we could get to the airport.  It was good.

And we were a family, for a time, all together.  Yet we have all spread our wings across the ends of the earth because that is what we do.  Sutter and her husband, Sean, are in New Zealand.   But we ARE a family, all together, all around the world.  Now.  Then.  Later.

And I love you all.

And airport security?  Oh, pshhaw.  Only a minor inconvenience. 

Live richly,



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