Painting within the lines of our lives.

We have these whirly-birds in our back yard.  Well, we did have them until about two years ago.  I took them down and decided to repaint them.  This is one of the freshly repainted ducks from a long time ago.  I decided to photo them in case I needed to use the photo as a template.

I wish I could just stand still and throw paint on them.  But they wouldn't look like ducks.  They would look more like a mess.  Instead, I know I have to paint within the lines.  I suppose I could paint them so they looked different on each side.  But I have to paint them within the lines because they have to match on each side. That is what is supposed to happen to ducks.

Painting within the lines...that is so first grade!  And if I don't stay within the lines,  I expect there will be trouble.  From whom?  Nobody.  Who cares?  Nobody.  Do I believe it?  Nope.  I think someone is out there who cares.  But there isn't.  It's all my imagination.

What is with me and these ducks? I just need to finish them!  This is going to be the third summer without the ducks!

NO....I haven't gotten them painted yet.  YES, I have started!  YES, I have done parts of all three birdies. But I'm not so sure I'll ever finish them.  Not at this rate.

Maybe I'll find some time and get into the garage and set up the paint and just paint the ducks.  But there is bike riding, and golf, and taking a nap in the lounger outside, and work, and volunteer work, and gardening, and.... everything.

Ah, that's it!  I need to see the ducks.  Because if I don't see them they don't exist.  How many times do I walk inside the garage and don't see the ducks?

Maybe I need to paint the ducks in the kitchen, not in the garage.   Because when they are painted in the kitchen I must see them.  And I will move them outside when they are done.  And then I can look at them all the time, spinning, turning, swinging with the wind.

Have you ever thought about why we paint within the lines of our lives?  I think I'll give that some thought when I'm painting the ducks in the kitchen.

But for now, the ducks must be out for summer...this summer.

Live richly,  marilyn


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