4th of July....where there is smoke....FIRE!

I love fire works....when they are in a field, a big non-weedy field, like a professional baseball park.  And I love what they do to the sky...so clever with shapes and forms and types of sparkles.  I don't know the lingo.  I just know OOOs and AHHs!

I was home with our daughter, Sutter, who was about 8 months old.  Carl was sailing across the Pacific on the Transpac Race to Hawaii.  I had a day off from teaching flying and we were at home.  That day a flying buddy had come over to say hi.  That was nice, because the next thing I told Mark was to hold the baby, and I was gone. 

A rather large fire truck had turned into our very small cul-de-sac, complete with full siren blasting.  I ran to the action.  It turned out to be my action!  By the time I got to the other end of our duplex, the fire people had put out a small fire.  It was about three feet from our tenant's house!

It was July 7th.  And for three days I had gotten whiffs of something burning.  It seemed outside the kitchen window.  And each time I walked around the house I looked and I sniffed.  Nothing.  But then it would show up again.

That day, the lady across the street decided to take her cat for a walk.  So she strapped on the leash (yes, the cat had a leash), and took it out to the driveway.  There she had a cigarette, while her cat laid down on the driveway.  The cat never moved.

That day, the lady looked over at our yard and saw a burst of flames against our fence!  It just ignited!  She dropped the leash and ran into her house and called the fire department!  The station was about 2 blocks south and two blocks east.  They were there in a jiffy. 

It all happened so quickly!  I knew that I smelled something burning.  But what was it?  The fire people started looking around.  And there it was.

It was a rocket...shot off by someone on Independence Day.  It had lodged itself on my other neighbor's side of the fence, in a small wooden barrel, stuffed with a dead plant, right next to our grape stake fence.  That's why I couldn't see it!  It took three days to get that plant, the barrel, and the grape stake fence on fire!

After she made the call to the firefighters, the lady and her cat-on-a leash were just standing there watching.  She was smoking and her cat was just lying there.  I asked her if she had seen anything.  And she calmly said yes and explained.  I was so grateful!  I was grateful that we were at home.  I was grateful that she parked her cat everyday.  I was grateful that my flying buddy had come over. 

And that's why I don't like fireworks up close.  I am not a fan of anybody who shoots rockets, especially where they are outlawed, and who never thinks about where it will land: on somebody's roof, or car, or in a dead bush. That's as stupid as those clowns that shoot their guns up in the air and assume the bullets defy the law of gravity (I bet they don't know about gravity).

Speaking of fireworks shows...did you hear about Big Bay Boom in San Diego?  What took 3 days for my small rocket to explode, took less than 30 seconds when a glitch that became the Big Bay Bust, set all the fireworks off at the same time, the most recent 4th of July on Wednesday.  Check out the video and news clip!

I wondered if son Evan, and his wife, Erin saw that show in San Diego.  It surely was a blast, but well-controlled!

No harm, no foul.  That's my kind of fireworks. 

Live richly,  marilyn


  1. We watched fireworks at our friend's house in Poway so we missed the Big Bay Bust. However, I think I would have preferred the Big Bay Bust to the Long Slow Fireworks in Poway.


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