What sport are you good at?

I admit it.  I'm not great at any thing.  To watch these people so dedicated to being Olympians - those are amazing lives.  And it is a life, the only life. 

I can clean.  I like things neat and tidy.  Do they have an Olympic sport in cleaning?  How about cleaning up after the Olympians.  I could do that. 

I like to ride my bike but I'm not into hills or racing.  I like cruising around town, or the perimeter of San Francisco.  Remember, I don't do hills but I can do a few to be close to the bay.

I have been known to ski.  Not fast.  Is there an event for drinking hot chocolate up on the mountain?

How about timed floating?  I swim in the ocean for about 45 minutes non-stop twice a day when I'm in Maui. But I can really turn it on when I see something weird in the water, like an octopus, or an eel.

And that brings me to my golf game.  Carl and I started with Woody when our son was out of high school and our daughter was at college.   We decided we needed to do something that neither of us knew about, but we could do together.  I've never stopped taking lessons. 

I take a golf lesson once a week from Woody, because it is my form of therapy, and I like it.  About once a month we go out on the course for a two hour playing lesson.  I love those.  And this year I've gotten better.

I gave up my subscription to Golf Magazine.  Too many ideas and they all contradict each other.  That's how they keep readers.  Plus, it's about the equipment, not the person swinging it.  Have a bad day?  Get a new club.  Heck, get a bag of them.

After twelve years there is hope.  Is there a casual golf league that doesn't have witchy women?  Not that I know of.  I like playing with the boys better.  My game gets better. 

But more, I like playing by myself when I push my cart for 9 holes when it is nearly dusk, until dark.  Golf is thinking time.  Golf is non-thinking time.  What club do you play?  How do you play it?

Woody and I talked about the Olympics today.   He loves see to how and what the athletes think, how they get into their own heads, and into their opponents.  He is making me think about some of the more etherial thoughts about golf.  Relax.  Do it this way close in.  A light touch.  Let it rip.  See the green for what it is.  Snap it.  Feel it.

And then, maybe, just maybe, it's the voices.  It's those (make-believe) announcers talking about me....she's on in one on the par three!  It's a par four and she's on in three!  This is it for the championship...aww, she just missed the hole.

It's golf.  There will be another day....and a slightly more mundane, but varied life.

Kind of reminds me of a guy who sailed with Carl for a while.  Chris had a way with words.  "Professional sailor (or golfer, or whatever); amateur human being."

Not the way I want to be....and I expect you feel the same way.  

Live richly,  marilyn


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