Come for an argument?

The Monty Python group has a gig about signing up for an argument.  The first client mistakenly goes through a door into a service called 'abuse' and gets knocked around a bit before both parties realize the problem.  Then the client finds the correct door for the 'argument' and the two people start in. 

I went to hear an argument the other night, with friends.  It featured Howard Dean and Karl Rove at the Oakland Speakers Series.   The moderator positioned himself strategically between both men.  One of the things that surprised me was how much they had in common.  I'm not a fan of either of them but I lean towards Dean, if given the choice.

I wanted to question something Howard Dean promoted.  He said, more than once, that if he had his way nobody over 50 would be a member of Congress.  That sounds 'young' thinking.   But it sounds dumb, no matter how you figure it.  And considering the age and the political bent of Dean's audience, that would not be smart for him! 

That means I couldn't run for Congressional office.  And neither could he.  But because he's a governor, he has conveniently decided not to assign an age restriction to that office in the great state of Vermont.

Let's admit this.  Seventy-five is the new fifty-five.  And because so many of us will have to work well beyond what we thought would be 'retirement' age, it is the new normal. My late husband was going to work forever as a yacht designer.  That's one of the payoffs of doing what you love!  I couldn't just sit around doing nothing  - unless I'm in Maui on the beach with a book.  But even that can get boring after awhile.   

I am in awe of the young seventy+ year folks I know.  They are active: walk, run, hike, dance, and/or ride bikes everywhere.  They get out of the house.  They go on huge trips but also do wonderful volunteer work, regularly and quietly.  And they most likely, in the near future, will continue to work for pay!

Howard Dean needs to get this.  Wisdom comes with age.  Understanding, perspective, patience (mostly) is ours to reap and sow!  More action than words; more listening to what people are trying to say; more quiet when someone wants to yell.  Maybe this is a fantasy life.  But I'd like to live it, and am striving to do so.

If Karl Rove and Howard Dean want to 'change' the government....they need to read that piece that gets around the internet.  Any elected official can serve a stint, maybe eight years, then get out.  If they want to serve more, they need to take another two terms off, and then run again.  And no more jumping from elected office to elected office.  That's over, in my world.  Finally, they would leave it behind and move on.

There will be no more "special" healthcare for them.  There will be no more "special" pensions for them.  They can't work for lobbyists after they serve any time in the government.  They can go back to work like the rest of us do!   If they are that rich they can figure out how to make it work best for the good of the cause, whatever that may be.   We need a government that is truly serviced by all for all and we need to get out of this rat race.

But how do you make that change when the old school people are in office?  They have no vested interest in giving all that up.  It  may take generations.  One at a time.  And then they can take back the government for and by the people!

There is a lot of work to do for us boomers.  And we need to start sooner than later so we don't get pushed to the side.   We can expect to show the newbies that we mean it.  Grab a part of it!  Millennials watch out!

Under fifty to run the government?  I don't think so.  But balance, baby, balance.

I did want to tune in one more time to Monty Python.  I want to hear them do 'spam', and I don't mean junk email.  I mean the canned, spiced ham - that spam!   Then I'll feel reinforced to wrap my arms around the new gold(en) years!    

Live richly,  marilyn


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