Wanna come to a party?

Ut-oh.  It's going to be a loud Saturday afternoon.  And probably a louder Saturday night.  It's not even 2pm and the noise is on the rise.  Did they have a live band?  Maybe it was just fake...not the real stuff but already taped, recorded, cd'ed, perhaps a very beefed up iPad running through very, very beefed up speakers.

Gads, I hope it's not like those other adult kids who take over their folks' house when they're gone.  They really are stupid, both the parents and the kids.  The cops show up and shut the kids down when they go waay into the morning.

My curiosity got  the best of me and I got on my bike to follow the sound, around the corner and on the next block.  There was a group gathering.  As I rode by I tried to look like I wasn't looking. 

Fast forward...
A few hours later I was washing my car.  The party was a wedding reception.  It sounded like hundreds but it was only fifty 30-somethings, I later found out.   They played Frank Sinatra and The Beatles' There are Places I Remember.  I was singing along as I was hosing the auto.  I teared up.  I heard the announcement of the best man giving his toast.  I reached out to catch an earful but only heard the laughs.  It was involved and I could tell it was wonderful.  By 10:00 it was over.  Not only did they have great taste in music, they had sensitivity for the neighbors.  It seemed so still.

Fast, fast foward....
Sunday late afternoon I called a client to let her know how her open house went.  It was good.  But then I said...I have a more important question.  How's the new grandson?  She told me the new parents and the baby had gone to a party the day before, a wedding reception.  They had to dress up in 1920's style clothes.  And the baby went too - in a tux.

Now this woman is a fabulous seamstress and a quilter.  She told me she went to The Goodwill Store, and searched.  No, not that.  Hmm...maybe.  This will do just fine!  She turned a ladies tank top into a onesy tuxedo for the baby!  I asked where the party was and then interrupted myself....I knew!  It was behind my house a couple of doors away!  Yes!  And they had a great time.  Turns out the baby's mom saw me ride by (oops, not invisible, I guess) when she was upstairs feeding the babe.

Last Saturday was a perfect example of what I wrestle with these days.  The party wasn't a train wreck close to my back yard...it was a wedding!  And it was wonderful!

I need to watch my thoughts.  It was good (mostly) to have someone who could gently (or not) tell me to "stop it."  Was it like this twenty, thirty years ago?  Well, yes.  It was for both of us.  We powered through those moments.

But since I don't have partner now I need to step it up with God's good grace!   Too hard?  Make it easy.  Too much hassle?  Make it smooth.  Too much of a challenge?  Rise to it.

Now, Marilyn, the world needs your good thoughts.  World, the world needs your good thoughts!

Then I give myself a very small pep talk.  I think about how much I've nagged my son regarding stuff that isn't making sense on the computer.  Not at all, lately.  Well, there you go, Marilyn. 

And then I recall the 'places I remember' and look forward to all that is new.

Live richly,



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