I'm over the election and the election hasn't happened.

Are you tired of the political ads?  Are you ready to have a lot less mail in your post box?  Would you like to watch TV without fast forwarding through the political lies, just going back to fast-forwarding through the dumb and/or the creative commercials?  I can't believe that every car commercial looks so good to me...and I don't even want a car!

Well, they've done it again and I am tired and worn out by our politicians.  That's one reason I choose to vote by mail!  Yes, I supposed I'm taking a risk in not knowing the ballot is not stuffed into the ballot box by me, instead relying on the US Post Office to get the ballot out from the mailbox.

On the other hand, there's no guarantee that the ballot box will be delivered to the counting people at the county.  But I'll take my chances.  I think it's worth it.  I mailed my ballot last Thursday.  What a relief!

Are you sick of the lies?  How about those California ballot measures?

Do you want people to use their union money for supporting an elected official's campaign or do you want the union leaders to use the people's money? I'm not sure I get that one...the people joined the union so the people could have good jobs.  When did that line get crossed? 

I do remember Proposition, well now I don't remember the number.  It's the one stopping the politicians (crooks) from stealing money from the schools. I voted for that one.

And I voted for the one supporting the community colleges...because I am a graduate of one of those, in Aviation Sciences, and that program is dropped now.  Actually, the President of the local College of Alameda came and talked to the Realtor group.  I would vote for her for anything...because she makes it happen.  Vision...that is what people need to keep doing what is right.  And we need to get these kids through school with skills!

There was one Proposition that wanted to put all the GMO (genetically modifed organisms) on food labels.  Can you imagine what Trader Joe's will be like when that passes?  It will be more of a library than a grocery store.  The aisle lines will be longer than the check out lines.  I mean, I'm fine with all that...but it takes time to read those cans and I just don't have it in me.

The 'no more death sentences in CA' is  a good one for the wrong reasons.  I've forgotten that number, too.  There's no better way to end the death penalty than to figure out the state can save 1 billion dollars per year by not having to file lawsuits fighting for death.  Gosh, who knew that the cost of maintaining people for life in jail, would dwarf the cost of lawyers running up their legal bills to fight the sentences?  I remember when housing inmates for life was expensive.  Now it looks cheap!

How about the bill that lets us keep the new redistricting lines?  What was that about?  Oh, that's right.  The two party system never looked so bad.

Then there one that has some lady's name all over it?  Who is she anyway? Am I that out of it?

Back to the backroom of the people we elected, I heard the other day, on NPR, in California, that politicians have the right to change their vote, after the fact, if the vote did not impact the outcome of the vote. WHAT!  Who gave them the ability to do that?  I'm quite sure I didn't.  And I'm quite sure you didn't. That leaves them! Oh, that's right.  The two party system never looked so bad.

Calgon....take me away!

Live richly, and vote.  marilyn

PS I'm going to New Zealand to see Sutter, my daughter, and Sean, her husband! I'll be back on Thanksgiving Day.  If the mood suits me I might add some (or one) post, or do nothing.   This has been a good year for meeting my goal of getting one of these done every week.  YAY!  But at the worst I'll be back the last Thursday of November. Buh-bye!


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