Dancing with Dyson

I couldn't believe my eyes!  I owned something in Architectural Digest! And it wasn't an ad...well, I couldn't afford any of the paper their ads are printed on, much less the product.  It was really there and I had it!

I had just been reading the monthly regular feature about houses...and the ones with huge price tags on them.  I was telling all this to Nancy, my mani/pedi expert.  She was planning how to paint snow scenes on my other friend, Linda's, toes, when she got there after me.  

We talked about how houses here in CA were worth more and were smaller than the Irish mansion with 46 bedrooms (or something like that) and 25 bathrooms (or something like that). 

We decided that even though the mansion was only about $11,900,000US it would be way too expensive to rent rooms out there.  And the time to do the maintenance!  The place needed some (serious) work!  And how about that yard...I mean acreage, to keep trimmed!  I'd have to turn in my weed whacker and leaf blower for something a bit larger.  I'd have to get what my friend Ann has always wanted....a riding lawn mower, except super-duper-sized, and then dump the contents into a giant mulching container. 

We compared the Irish mansion price to $30 + million in various parts of our nation, including a classic and classically, completely, rehabbed Craftsman home that was about 12,000 square feet in Southern CA! 

The good news for me is that while it may be amusing to read that stuff, it exhausts me.  Who needs all of that?  Down here on my level, most of us are downsizing our stuff.  Who wants to polish silver anymore?

Of course, if you have that type of money, you'd also have that type of 'help' around the mansion, the garden, the yard, the garage, the... everything.  Still managing it all would be overwhelming. The way I think, IF I had the bucks, then I'd have the manager to do the overwhelming stuff.  But then, that person would probably steal from me.  Rob me blind.  I'd have to sell off everything including the house.  And then I'd be just like now - happy and contented.

And then I get my happy face on.  I do have the one thing in Architectural Digest that was a 'must have.'  I purchased a Dyson 40 about six weeks ago.  And I danced with it for quite a time as we got to know each other.  It never lost a step (or roll), moved from carpet to hardwood, and sucked all the grossness up, never criticized me, never stepped on my toes.  I got it at Costco. 

It seemed extravagant at the time, but I did give up two working vacuums.  When I told the painter next door I was giving my vacuums away, I asked him if he knew anybody who would want those.  It's an easy way of allowing somebody to say, yes or no, without any type of guilt.  Pepe said he'd be happy to take them and he walked them home, like good doggies.

I need to say good-bye now.  I am late for a date of dancing with my Dyson.

Live richly, marilyn


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