Finding out about Santa....

We were playing softball in the vacant lot around the corner from our house.  I don't know the kid's name but suddenly he was telling us, as we played, that Santa Claus was a lie. 

What?  How could that be?  I was told lying was a bad thing.  But, being careful to not show any concern about it I nodded my head 'yeah', and kept on playing.

I was in 2nd grade.  My brother was two years younger than me, and another brother was just a baby.  The last brother yet to come was but a gleam in my dad's eye.   

Not long after, I heard Mom and Dad speak to each other about "something.'  But I couldn't catch the whole conversation.   We had a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Then a few days later my dad yelled from the driveway...."get the dolly!"  Dolly?  Was this the gift?  A dolly for me!

They rolled a huge box into the living room.  He kept talking about the 'dolly.' Okay, let's see what's in the box!  It was a huge.... cabinet.  They called it a stereo. 

That day I learned a new word.  Dolly.  This dolly had no brown locks, no cute dress, but did have wheels and worked like a vertical wheelbarrow.  Well, that was a disappointment.  BUT the stereo was a dream!  I listened to it everyday after school and played the Christmas record that came with it over and over. 

We did get a family surprise from Santa.  It was a tether ball set!  But I had already found it, by accident, kind of buried in the garage.  But it was fun playing the clue game with rhymes our dad made up.  I loved hitting that ball, because the worst it could do is just go in circles.  I'm sure I whipped that kid who told me about Santa.


Flash forward to December 18,2012.  I emailed Sutter and Evan to find out how they found out about the Santa myth.

From Sutter - I was smart and figured it one night when I was about 7   Figured out the Easter bunny and tooth fairy were frauds too. I told you and you confirmed my suspicions. Very anti-climactic.

From Evan - I have no idea.

That's all.  No major issues and nobody with bad memories, unless Evan is still figuring it out.

Live richly, enjoy the holidays.  marilyn


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