Tending goals....

There's this saying attributed to Albert Einstein: Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Goals - in hindsight.  That makes some sense. Wonder what I've been doing.  Or not.

One thing I didn't do.  I didn't have a Shredding Party last February.  Over six years ago I was at a conference in Las Vegas when I thought of it.  I'd noticed so many people were so buried in paper and they paid about $8 for every box or bag to get rid of it...and had to deliver their stuff to the place off this lovely island. 

What better way to have my clients, friends, church folks, neighbors, friends of friends, come to me in a three hour period, rain or shine, from 9am to noon on a Saturday, get rid of their stuff, not pay one single dime, grab a donut and some juice, and be on their way!

I didn't even know if there was a company that would come to my house!  Sure enough, I found one.  They are super professional.  Sal was the driver of the shredding truck and has been here every year!  Except for last year.  I didn't have the party because I thought I could replace it with something else.  But I couldn't figure out what it might be.  So this year it's b-a-c-k!

My neighbors have become so involved with helping folks during the party: unloading cars and trucks, helping all the folks stuff their stuff into the bins, and watch it get ground up good.

The second year we had the party, a couple drove up from Southern CA and their older car was almost dragging on the ground.  They brought their boxes/papers (a lot) to my house, in conjunction with the annual trip to see the family home in Alameda.  This was my way of meeting with them for the first time because they were referred to me!  By the time they left, both they and the car were doing quite a bit better.

About three years ago, a good looking truck parked at the curb in front of my house and they had a ton of boxes, filling up the flatbed, nicely packed and labeled.  I tried to figure out who they were (often I do not know), but was coming up blank.  They were in serious need of shredding...but who were they?  They said they were from a local church...and then they said 'Betty'.  Ah yes!  My good friend!  She had asked me if her church could bring by some boxes. And did they....over 30 years worth!

One lady came with boxes that had been in her attic from the 1950's.  She got rid of every one of them!  She was so grateful!  Another couple brought everything in their packed VW van...and then went back home for more!

Because I don't always get to see my clients very regularly, even though this island is small, I had a tee-shirt made. Without me making a fool of myself, the tee-shirt asks who they are! How many actually know my hair has gone naturally gray?

So, if you want to come to the San Francisco/East Bay Area, have some stuff to shred or just want to say hi, let me know and I'll invite you once we have a Saturday date in February.  I don't even have to know you.  That's how cool it is.  Rain or shine.

I do know how this turns out.  It's productive and fun...and people feel good.  And those are my goals for 2013, not so different from 2012. 

Live richly,  marilyn


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