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New year, new questions.

My annual survey at the beginning of the new year has featured my husband (gone) and kids (good-bye).   Sutter is now 35 and and Evan is now 31.  They have been begging me to 'forget-about-them' (and their spouses) and do this on my own.  So now I am.  And the survey says - What's the most fun you've had this year? I played a golf course in Newport Beach called Pelican Hill.  This is a scary thing for me because I often do this by myself.  I made myself call for a tee time in the afternoon.  I arranged for a CADDY!  I went out early and hit some balls.  Two guys said among themselves that I hit it good (or that's how I heard might have been some young dude hitting practice shots).  One guy from Colorado (or was it Utah?), older than me, came along when I thought I was doing it myself.   The Caddy was incredible, young, and I played just like amateur!  Anyway, we played till dark.  The CO-UT guy stopped.  The last hole was a double canyon shot int