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Teachers I remember....

I heard a N (ational) P (ublic) R (adio) gig last December about teachers we remember.  Hmm, thought I, who do I remember?  What about them? Then I remembered that I don't remember too much about them.  We moved several times due to my dad's work and that put me into a variety of schools.  In fact, I went to three 4th grades!  But starting in 7th grade my dad decided that was it for the moving.  He got back to where he wanted to be, and decided it was worth it to drive to LA every day about 7am, and coming home every night about 7pm.  We lived in Newport Beach and he once said that making the drive home made his weekends perfect for him. Gosh, I had a lot of nice teachers.  Then I started thinking.  The ones I recall were actually ones that I didn't care much about, or didn't like the subject, or just thought stuff was whacked about how they taught. Here they are: Mr. Watkins - He taught algebra. I was in ninth grade.  He was a nice man.  He had an interesting b