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Bump on the road.

The back end of my car went a bit to the left but I was driving straight.  Ut-oh.  Did that guy just back into me?  We were both probably going five miles per hour.  I stopped the car.  Got out.  I was tired.  I didn't need this. He couldn't believe it happened.  But there it was.  I moved into the parking slot next to him.  He wasn't having a good day.  He was apologetic.  I hadn't had an accident for 10 years!  I wasn't even sure what to do! I got his drivers license number (he was 30), and his verification of insurance coverage with the Vehicle Identification Number on it.  I'm not sure I got his registration.  Did I get his license number?  No.  Did I get his cell or another phone number?  No.  Did I get an email address?  No.  Did I get his address?  Yes.  Did I take photos?  Yes.  Did I include his car with mine in the photos?  No.  Did I get a police report?  No.   And that's when realized that I needed a checklist for an accident!  Did I have a