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In the closet.....

I had a chance to look closely at my office closet.  I do that only when I seriously need to find something.  But it is amazing what I choose not to look at. I don't look at the printed historical postcards because there are probably 500 of them sitting there.  500 really means 2000, because there are four to a sheet.  I used them a lot - until websites and email took over and I stopped sending mail to unknown strangers about how much a property was on the market for, or what it sold for.  I don't look at the pads of paper with the company name and my photo.  There are probably 50 of those.  That means there are 1,250 sheets of those with 18+ year old photos.  Much younger.  Short brown hair.  But I still use them.  They make great lists: shopping, things to do, and things-not-to-forget to put on the things-to-do list. They are only for me, and if someone sees them, I crumple them up.  I don't look at the stack of Alameda aerial postcards that are so old the runways a