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Name changers

I went to the San Francisco Ferry Building and met a friend for lunch, who lives there. Well, she doesn't live in the Ferry Building.  She and her husband own a home in San Francisco.  It had been a while since we met up and as usual we had talk, talk, talk.  Some of our talk was about our 40th high school reunion was last summer.  (I'm quite sure that number is a mistake, no matter how they figured it out).  The night before I was invited to a pre-party, joining a group of people I had not seen for decades.  (Oh, I'm very sure that number is a mistake too.  I'll have to do the math on that later.). The next night was the actual reunion.  What a performance the planners made!  Incredible.  The next afternoon was the 'after' party on one of the 'private' beaches on Balboa Bay.  The whole thing was surreal. In my alone time, I found myself thinking about names and how they changed over the years.  When did Cindy become Cinda?  When did Jan become Jan