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Garbage cans.

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands.  Or a body who will do the stuff for you when you look sweet.  And so it was with me this week. I went to Costco to get one of their baked chickens.  And some butter.  And then....the unplanned purchase.  Some compost and some soil conditioner.  It doesn't come in a spray bottle or lotion, like regular conditioner.  It comes in 50 lb. bags. Well, okay.  I can get those into the mega Costco basket.  And I can get those beasts into my car.  I happened to have a giant bath towel to throw them on.   The man selling SF Chronicle subscriptions in the parking lot asked if I needed help.  I said "no, thanks, I've think I've got it" as I used my feet to hold the cart in place without dinging my car, and the rest of me to haul the load.  It was a bit of a stretch.  I just didn't want to be guilted into buying the Chronicle.  I got home and decided I'll deal with the bags of stuff later.  And later came and went.