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Just one more step....

I went to a mixer late this afternoon.  Among having lovely Asian fingerfood at a great local restaurant, with various libations, people were encouraged to get to know each other, outside of work.  So there was a bingo game.    Players were to fill in blanks with folks' names if they met that description.  Some of the items were: 'speaks French', 'name begins with A-D', 'has eaten fried grasshoppers', 'has parachuted out of an airplane.'   When the card was filled up and was verified, we had two winners. I'm not so big on these games so I didn't play.  You find out so much or too much, about someone else.  But it seemed to get the job done.   I'm the one (maybe there was another one, I'm not sure), who fit the idiot description of 'has parachuted out of an airplane.' Yep, that was me.  I'd been married maybe four years, was teaching flying, had a daughter about one year old, and a husband who was sure "I was not p